Liberians Must Eschew ‘Crab Mentality’ -McGill Wants All Citizens Aspire for Progress As Nimbaians

MONROVIA – While it may not be unique to Liberia, ‘crab mentality’, which folks define as ‘if it is not me at the top, I won’t allow you stay at the top’ is pronounced amongst Liberians, according to some pundits. And they could be right because politics here is exceptionally so much about stamping opponents down more than doing something on one’s own to better the condition of the people. The Chief of Office Staff to President Weah, State for Presidential Affairs Minister Nathan F. McGill, thinks this style of politicking is responsible for the lack of progress and development in Liberia over the decades, and he wants citizens to avoid being perpetually cynical against development and against people who are trying to improve the country, citing Nimbaians as an example of a productive people. The Analyst reports.

The Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Mr. Nathaniel Falo McGill, has called on Liberians to emulate the development-oriented mindset of the people of Nimba County, and to stop pulling one another down.

Exalting the people of Nimba, he said: “You know, I am jealous of the Nimba people’s development mentality. When one Nimba man builds a beautiful house, the other Nimba man will go and build an even more beautiful house. That’s the type of mentality we should develop so we can build and develop our country, and stop trying to bring other people down.”

Minister McGill lamented that for over 170 years Liberians have been using the crab mentality by bringing our friends down, and blame one another for the lack of development.

“Who will develop Liberia? The foreigners?” he chipped rhetorically. “No, it is not foreigners. Only Liberians are going to develop this country. Liberia is rich. Liberians must be allowed to benefit from the riches of this country. It is shameful and sad that people want foreigners to come and get rich, then the very Liberians will turn around and start begging the foreigners.”

The Presidential Chief of Office Staff make the statements in Bahn, Nimba County, where he traveled to dedicate a city electrification project, expressing his delight over the industrious spirit of the people of Nimba County, most especially Representative Gonpu Karpon of District #4.

He continued: “Where I am sitting, I have so many requests that I have to take to the President. But let me assure you that this government will work with your honorable Gonpu to bring development to this district. And I want to assure you, effective next week, I am mandating the Public Works Minister to come along with the Representative to take a tour of the 18-kilometer road so it can be fixed, because Ambassador Weah said if he doesn’t fix anything in his life as President, he wants to make sure the roads in the country are fixed; and our job will be fix roads.’

He expressed outrage against those who believe that fixing roads does not mean anything; adding that for 170 years “our people have been cut off because of bad roads; and we will fix the roads. Honorable Gonpu, you can rest assured that the government will work with you.”

“For those who don’t believe, let them see what we are doing,” he noted. “Everything is not politics. When good is supposed to come to your people, you need to pray for good to come. But people play politics to the extent they want their people to suffer because they want to prove that the other person is bad. We can’t play that kind of dirty politics. I didn’t leave from Monrovia and drove all the way here for fun. I came here because this young man is working hard to bring development to the people on this side of Nimba County.”

Empowering women and students

In continuation of his outreach support to vulnerable women and struggling students who are facing problems with tuition payment, Minister McGill used the occasion to extend a big helping hand to the groups in Nimba County.

“I can’t talk about voting for the President because I know that Nimba people voted for the President; and I know Nimba people are ready again to vote for the President,” Mr. McGill said. “And so, what I want to talk about is how we can bring development and change the lives and condition of the people of Nimba County.

“So, I want to thank you. The requests are many, we can’t respond to all the requests. But Honorable Gonpo told me something. He told me about the women’s small loan business. My contribution to Hon. Gonpu support to the women loan program will be LD5 Million.”

He thanked Hon. Gonpu for continuing to support women programs.

“Women are our mothers; we need to support them. On the line of the students, you will receive the LD300,000 on Monday to take care of the students’ problems,” he averred. ““I am here to break ground for a project that is launched by Honorable Gonpu. Unfortunately, the Minister of Finance should have joined me. And so, I will be working with my friends and the private sector to help ensure that the project we are going to break ground for will be a successful project.”

According to the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, the Weah administration launched a LD50 Million scholarship program in Nimba County to support high school students, promising government commitment to that scholarship program.

“We’ve already given 10M Liberian Dollars towards that program. The balance of LD40 Million, we are going to work along with Senator Johnson along with Senator Koung and Honorable Gonpu to make sure we raise that money,” Minister McGill pledged.

Call for Unity of purpose

The Minister of State also used the opportunity to rally for Nimba’s continued support, even as one of their sons is allegedly criticizing the Weah government for empowering the people of Nimba.

“One of your sons from Nimba County is saying that it is a bad thing I am doing; he said I am not supposed to be supporting high school students. One of your sons who wants to be president is saying that is a bad thing that I am doing.  God blessed him and he got a degree to go to law school, but he doesn’t want other Nimba County children to go to Law School too.”

Mr. McGill further promised that the Weah administration will continue to do what it is supposed to do.

“When God gives you an opportunity to do something, do it. Don’t stop doing it because others are criticizing you. I want to thank all Nimba citizens for being very patriotic, for standing up for this government,” he said further.

He however did not leave the locals oblivious of challenges, both national and international, affecting Government and limiting full and timely implementation of development programs.

He said: “Before I end, let me say to you, we are in bad times. You know, the war in Ukraine is affecting the entire global community, so things are going to be very tough. All over the world, gasoline prices are going up. So, I want to make this caveat so that Liberian people can know that we all should be praying so the war can stop; because if it doesn’t stop, we all will feel the pains of the war. I want our people to know, so politicians can’t come back tomorrow and say the government is making things hard.

“There are those who say they should put sanctions on Liberia. How can you be praying for sanctions on your country? Do you know the consequences of sanctions on your own country? Do you think when they put me on sanction it will benefit you? It is Liberia that will suffer, because the benefits that are supposed to come to this country will not come. You don’t have to punish me because you want to be president. Come and speak to the citizens of Liberia. Nimba people will decide who they want to vote for. You don’t have to bring evil on your own country because you want to prove that the other government is failing. If the government is failing, the people will see it. The Liberian people are not fools. You can spend all of your money, if the people don’t like you, they won’t vote for you. Money does not buy Liberians’ vote,” McGill said confidently.

Responding, Representative Gonpu Kargon expressed his heartfelt appreciation to President George Manneh through Minister McGill for coming to the aid of the Nimba people, especially the vulnerable women and students.

“It is so heartening for the Minister of State to come to District #4. We promise you that come 2023, CDC will carry the victory,” Representative Gonpo Kargon vowed.

In Bahn City, Minister McGill participated in the official lighting of the city, making it the first time in the history of Bahn for the people to experience government-supplied electricity.

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