“It Is victory For All Marylanders” -Representative Elect William Tells Constituents

MONROVIA: Still basking in the glory of his unprecedented victory over the Speaker of the House of Representatives Bhofal Chambers, the eventual winner of the Sedoken-Pleebo District representative election, Anthony F. Williams has said “the historic victory recorded at the polls that democratically ended the reign of Speaker Bhofal Chambers was not a personal victory but the collective efforts of all Marylanders who one way or the other supported the struggle”

Williams made the statement in Pleebo City on Thursday, October 19, 2023 when he addressed a maiden press conference after the National Elections Commission(NEC) declared him the ultimate winner of the tight race against Speaker Chambers, hailing the resilience of the people “to form a common front to confront the major leadership burden that has kept our people down for a period of 18 years”

“First of all, I want to acknowledge the fighting spirit of the great people of Sedoken Pleebo District for doing themselves the favor by removing the burden that has been hanging on us and accepting us to lead the process on their behalf.

“This is not a personal battle and feat but the outcome of the collective resolve of our people. This is a clear reward for being together, for being united and facing a common cause. I am excited just like every other citizen of this district is right now because we have long been finding ways to have this day. Today is a pay day for all of us and we will enjoy it together”, an elated Williams said.

He said the first task before him is to reconcile the people of the district after a hectic campaign which was a period when “we went against each other, we said all kinds of things against ourselves, we did things that have the propensity of dividing our people but now that the game is over, we must find the time to come back together”

“I can only tell ourselves that we need to forget the past and find room to reconcile ourselves. This will be my top priority moving forward and the process will start and be completed before my inauguration”, he said.

He assured the people that he will not betray their trust and confidence reposed in him while also urging them to manage their expectation in the meantime as he is not going to promise something he is not going to do.

He said he will not deviate from his platform of addressing issues surrounding the joblessness of the young people in the district as well as women empowerment alleviate poverty and strengthen the capacity of the people through skills acquisition. He said setting up a vocational training center in the district to provide quick impact training in domestic science for women will be key on his agenda just as he will prioritize avenues for scholarship opportunities for deserving students in tertiary institutions.

He also said upon inauguration, he will initiate negotiation with companies operating in the district on ways to make their presence felt in the area through fulfilling all the obligations to the corporate social responsibility contract reached with the communities.

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