If Liberia Turns Bad, Blame the Opposition -President Weah Tells The Nation

MONROVIA – As Liberians continue to suffer the harsh economic downtrend facing the country especially in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, the nation was left in shock last Sunday when President George M. Weah laid the blame for the country’s bitter economic situation squarely at the feet of members of the opposition community, who he termed as clever people living with hatred, only keen on criticizing his government instead of offering ideas that could move Liberia forward.

Making the disclosure on Sunday, June 7 at the City of Hope Church in Congo Town, near Monrovia, President Weah said even though his administration is making gains with regards to roads and construction and infrastructure developments, all the opposition camp does is spread hate speech and negative propaganda about the country.

Said President Weah: “Those that think we’re still running campaign, you on your own – campaign finished. It is time to co-exist. You are not a Unity Party partisan no more. To build this country, we the leaders in the opposition, we joined the government, we worked in the government. Anything we do for you, you crying. So, you tell me what do you want? You cannot be negative and you want progress”.

According to the Liberian leader, despite his continuous efforts to bring the opposition on board to provide solutions to the nation’s problems, the opposition leadership seems not to be sincere in proffering ideas that would move Liberia forward.

Recalling a meeting that he called in 2019 with the opposition leadership for them to provide solutions to governance and economic issues, President Weah said instead of their leadership themselves attending the conference, they instead sent their underlings who could not provide any solid idea but to disrupt the meeting and walk out.

“Their deputies could not express their actual thoughts because the criteria was not given to them to explain. They came with their own agenda and were saying all kinds of things that were not supposed to be said there,” President Weah averred.

Public Reactions

Liberians have since not taken lightly attempts by President to shy away from executing his functions as a national leader, but instead striving hard to blame the opposition community for the failures of his government.

“These are statements you hear from our President,” says Tarnue J. Govego of Central Monrovia.
“I wonder what President Weah takes us for? Is it the opposition that misapplied the US$25 million that was intended for mop up? Is it the opposition camp that forced Weah’s government to use “borrowing initiatives” to siphon donor funds, to the extent that nine ambassadors wrote President Weah to replenish their funds?” laments Augustine Fofanah of Monboe Town, Duala.

According to James Massaquoi of Broad Street, President Weah should appreciate criticisms.

“I thought that critiquing helps to improve one’s performance? I think President Weah should appreciate criticisms; but when the people remain silent in the face of such bad governance, then he has more to worry about,” Massaquoi averred.

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