Female Aspirant to light up whole district, construct feeder in roads -In Grand Gedeh County

Leading Grand Gedeh County female aspirant for the representative position in District 2 in the county, Mrs. Marie Johnson is set to launch the electrification project for the entire district and its environs and construction of feeder roads to connect villages and towns to ease mobility, promote businesses, increase agricultural productivity and alleviate the sufferings and untold hardship the people have long endured due to what she called a complete neglect of the communities and residents of those areas by politicians over the years.

Speaking in an exclusive interview over the weekend when he received the first consignments of solar lights, power saws and motorbikes from Abroad, the Global Chairman of Team Marie Johnson 2023, Mr. Gee Deh said his principal has decided to venture into contesting for the position of Representative of District #2 in Grand Gedeh County to provide a robust representation that the people have been yearning for over the years so as to change the narratives of development in the area.

Providing information  about the planned intervention, Mr. Gee, a renowned grass root politician and community leader said Madam Johnson will be lighting up 93 towns and villages throughout the entire District #2 and its environs with 500 solar lights, and connect towns and villages in the area.

“There are a lot of projects under way, but we are going Biblical to begin with the light because when God created the world, it was dark and He said “Let there be light”, and there was light. Madam Marie Johnson has said the people have been in darkness for long so there is a need to bring light to them. We are also doing all the feeder roads in the District to allow our people to move around freely, to do their businesses, go on the farm to increase their yields and then we will see the betterment of the area coming out”, he said.

When asked whether Mrs. Johnson will be physically present for the launching of the projects, he said the female aspirant will not be present but she has institutionalized her campaign team in a way that even with or without her presence, things can fall in line properly.

He said the people of the district are resolved to take their destiny in their own hands by voting her as their legislator in 2023 and will do everything possible to resist any attempt to frustrate the decision of the people.

Mr. Gee concluded by saying that the materials will be transported to the county this week to be followed by the contracted engineers who will move in and begin to install the lights while a construction company is already in the District to commence the construction of the feeder roads.

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