“Pres. Weah, CDC Will Not Survive Political Battle” -Sen. Zargo Declares Political War for Samuka’s Vacant Lofa Seat

In the aftermath of the plenary of the Liberian Senate in March of this year declaring as vacant the senatorial seat won by Brownie Samukai, a move that compelled the National Elections Commission to schedule May 10, 2022 as the official date for the conduct of the Lofa County senatorial by-election, Lofa County senator Steve Zargo has vowed to make his homeland a no-go zone for President George Manneh and his Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

“With the May 10, 2021 by-election, the CDC folks have taken the war to our doorsteps. There is no turning back. Lofa is prepared to fight politically to salvage the land of Toryan, a truth telling people. President GMW and his CDC will not survive this political onslaught on Lofa. No, they will not! We will reach throughout the nooks and crannies of Wologizee to defend Lofa. The fighting spirit of the Condo confederation, the spirit of our ancestors Fala Wobo, Sididiki Kamara, Tamba Taylor, Chief Kollie, Oldman Kaba, the Koiyongees, and Tarnues will reinvigorate our fighting spirit to reclaim the denied, vacant senatorial seat,” Senator Zargo vowed in a spirited press conference held Thursday in Monrovia.

Senator Zargo said, although he will be returning home in line with his regular agriculture break, his return will particularly be targeted for the senatorial vacancy said to be created in Lofa for which his people, “the people of Lofa, a people of humanity, a people of meekness, have been intentionally, deliberately, purposefully, and wickedly denied of fuII representation by President George M. Weah, his Presidential Minister Nathaniel F. McGill, and their CDC cronies”.

“I am returning to Lofa because my county has been delivered a Trojan House. Today the GOL will be spending almost 2M to do wrong; which is wastage indeed! Brownie J. Samukai and the people of LOFA have already begun the process by making good fifty percent of the court ruling! There were the Roland Kaine’s and Abu Kamara’s cases but Brownie J. Samukai and Lofa are treated differently with a different standard. As we closed, NEC and MFDP have not agreed on the proposed 2M by NEC to conduct this illegal election in Lofa. The amount of 1.9 M is not approved by this August Body (the Legislature).

“As we close today, notwithstanding, George M. Weah and CDC are desperate to conduct the election. Equally so, we feel very strongly, as we have been advocating, that there is no vacancy and that what George M. Weah and Nathaniel F. McGill/ CDC are doing is equivalent to a declaration of war. Let them know this and know it to the core! Long live Liberia, long live the peace loving people of Lofa!” Senator Zargo declared bitterly.

When quizzed as to the real intent for the warlike declarations during his press conference, Senator Zargo said the people of Lofa County will defeat President Weah and his CDC in a political battle.

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