Fake Deed Unearthed in Hage Property Case -Oumou Sirleaf Attempts Dispossessing Nohad  of personal real property

MONROVIA – An investigative survey report has reportedly uncovered a startling criminal grand scheme perpetrated by Omou Sirleaf and her daughter Rockel Hage to dispossess Nohad Hage Mensah of the properties given to her by her late father Milad R. Hage.

Accordingly, on August 30, 20 17, an Investigative Survey Report was submitted  to the assigned Judge of the Commercial Court, Temple of Justice, regarding the Milad Hage Testate Estate case..

The Investigative Survey Report was centered around the case involving an attempt by Omou Hage and her daughter Rockel to criminally lay claim to the personal properties of Nohad Hage Mensah.

 The findings of the investigative survey uncovered that Omou and her daughter submitted two different deeds for the same parcel of land.

“For example, Page 4 of 6 Count II of the report highlighted that regarding one of Omou’s fraudulent deeds: we also found one Beatrice Dossen, co-signee to Oumou Sirleaf and Bachir M. Hage when the said Beatrice Dossen name is not mentioned in the deed as being conveying party but only signed,” which the report said, is strange and worth noting, as the entire narrative of the deed to Sirleaf and Bachir M. Hage shows no Beatrice Dossen, thus technically, she cannot be a co-signee to the conveyance.

Additionally, page 4 of 6 count III stipulates that, the deed in line name of Bachir Milad Hage and Rockel Milad Hage has no surveyor name, no signature and stamp, the report averred.

The report further revealed that none of the three-mark proof that shows the deed was issued by a surveyor is found on the deed.  This deed, the report said, was never issued by a surveyor.

“Moreover, page 5 of 6 count VI pointed to the fact that the investigative survey report uncovered that in a separate civil law case, Omou at one time submitted as evidence the same deed which bears Nohad Hage as the land owner. So how come Omou is now presenting a new deed for the exact same piece of land, but this time around, with Nohad’s name removed from the deed?” the investigative report questioned rhetorically.

The report also said, the deed from John Borwosala Arkoi to Bachir Milad Hage and Rockel Milad Hage is not in coherence with the pleading for the Testate Estate before the civil law court.

Meanwhile, Nohad Hage Mensah and her mother Edith Hage Smith are making a passionate appeal to the Supreme Court to ensure Omou Sirleaf reimburses Nohad for all the rent she collected during (Omou’s) three years stewardship over Nohad’s personal real properties by ordering the seizure of her properties until she settles Nohad’s arrears.

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