EPA’s Technical Advisor Calls for New Appointment -Says “Wilson K. Tarpeh Has No Authority to Dismiss Me”

MONROVIA – In the wake of news about his dismissal from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Chief Technical Advisor (CTA) of the agency is calling on the Joseph Boakai Government to appoint an acting Executive Director of the agency to instill calm at the EPA in compliance to Executive Order 123 Section 9 which was issued by former President George Manneh Weah.

“Mr. Wilson K. Tarpeh has no legal authority to dismiss me when he should have left office before the inauguration of President Boakai as mandated by former President George M. Weah” the Chief Technical Advisor of the Agency stated while rubbishing the claim that he was dismissed by Prof. Wilson K Tarpeh, Executive Director of EPA.

Mr. Benjamin S. Karmorh, Jr. who made the statement in a press release, noted that as enshrined in the Executive order 123 Section 9 issued by former President George M. Weah on November 22, 2023, Tarpeh, as of 22nd January 2024 as a “non-tenured presidential appointees shall be presumed to have resigned as of the date of the inauguration”.

Karmorh, in his press release issued January 26, 2024 noted that Executive order 123 indicate that most the Senior Civil Servant at all Ministries, Agencies, Commissions and State-owned enterprises, shall act as Officer-In-Charge pending appointment of their successors” as stipulated in Executive order 123 Section 9 issued by former President Weah.

Mr. Karmorh contended that the Executive Director Tarpeh of the EPA had no legal authority to dismiss him three days after his resignation.

He was responding to a press release issued by the EPA’s Head of Media and Corporate Relations officer on the Agency’s social media page and shared amongst some media institutions in the country.

He disclosed that the EPA release announced his dismissal from the EPA as Chief Technical Advisor (CTA) due to what he termed as “criminal misconduct.”

The EPA release announcing his dismissal asserted that he led a group of persons to disrupt normal operations and orchestrated an unauthorized takeover of power at the Agency on Tuesday January 23, 2024.

“Let me in categorical terms rubbish and term as unfounded and baseless my dismissal which is mentioned in a press release issued by the Environmental Protection Agency of Liberia, through its media and corporate communications head”, Karmorh said

In his opinion, Karmorh said the release was written based on the instructions of Wilson K. Tarpeh in his desperate quest to continue holding unto public office at the EPA in complete contravention of the Act establishing the agency as outlined in section 16 which gives him no tenure powers.

Accordingly, Karmorh said Professor Tarpeh has no legal authority to dismiss me when he should have left office before the inauguration of President Boakai as mandated by former President George M. Weah.

As enshrined the Executive order 123 Section 9 issued by former President George M. Weah on November 22, 2023, Karmorh said as of 22nd January 2024 “non-tenured presidential appointees shall be presumed to have resigned as of the date of the inauguration.

Consequently, he maintained that by the dictate of the Executive Order 123, issued by President Weah, the most Senior Civil Servant at all Ministries, Agencies, Commissions and State-owned enterprises, shall act as Officer-In-Charge pending appointment of their successors.”

Against the backdrop of the Executive Order, Karmorh said Professor Wilson Tarpeh had no legal authority to dismiss me three days after his resignation.

“My bogus and illegal dismissal by Wilson K. Tarpeh including his attempt to silence and get at many more staffers at the agency is a way of cleverly silencing professionals and technocrats at the Agency who are reading the EPA Act with a clear understanding,” he said.

He indicated that he has worked with the EPA since its founding in 2003 with an impeccable and notable character which is an inalienable fact based on the record both nationally and internationally.

“The records of our service to the EPA and our nation cannot and will never be tainted by an individual like Wilson K. Tarpeh who is only desperate to stay on at the EPA even without legitimacy,” Mr. Karmorh said.

He then called on the Government of Liberia that, in the wake of situation in the last 72 hours or more as instigated by a power thirsty individual like Wilson K. Tarpeh, appoint or nominate an Acting Executive Director at the Agency to instill calm and order so that normal functions of the entity goes unhindered.

“The EPA is on the verge of a complete collapse if nothing is done to salvage the current situation under the aegis of Wilson K. Tarpeh who continues to perpetuate himself at the EPA in complete contravention of the law, the press release by Benjamin S. Karmorh, Jr. concluded.

It can be recalled that reports from the EPA have disclosed that the institution has dismissed Mr. Benjamin S. Karmorh, Jr., the Chief Technical Advisor (CTA) of the Agency, due to alleged criminal misconduct.

A release issued by the EPA recently stated that on Tuesday, January 23, 2024, Mr. Karmorh led a group of people raising concerns and disrupting normal operations within the Agency. Karmorh reportedly told the staff that he was now the new head of the EPA and “had come to take over the agency because’ Prof. Tarpeh’s term is over.”

Karmorh, along with two suspended employees and other individuals, orchestrated an    unauthorized takeover of the management of the EPA. The dismissal letter cited this act as a direct violation of the laws, rules, and regulations governing the Agency.

This impersonation and unlawful action, according to an EPA statement signed by Danise Love Dennis-Dodoo, disrupted normal activities at the Agency and exposed the entity to undesirable public ridicule, posing a risk to its corporate reputation. Dennis-Dodoo is the head of Media and Corporate Communications at the agency.

“Karmorh’s reliance on Executive Order #123, which he used to justify his criminal actions, was misplaced. Executive Order #123 applies to non-tenured entities and does not extend to tenured agencies of the government. The Executive Director/CEO is a tenured position with a seven-year renewable term.

“The EPA takes this matter seriously, prioritizing adherence to the legal and regulatory frameworks that govern its operations. The Agency assures the public that it remains committed to upholding its mission of environmental protection and sustainable development,” the agency said in a statement.

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