AML Crowned Foreign Investor of the Year 2023 for Promoting Excellence in Safety, Growth, and Development

MONROVIA: Global News Network (GNN) Liberia over the weekend honored ArcelorMittal Liberia (AML) as the Foreign Investor of the Year 2023 during the paper’s annual awards ceremony in Monrovia.

According to the paper, AML secured this recognition due to its unwavering commitment to employee safety, its status as Liberia’s largest foreign direct investor, and its substantial contribution as the primary revenue generator in the extractive sector.

At the event, GNN highlighted AML’s pivotal role as the largest private sector employer in Liberia, acknowledging its significant contributions to the nation’s growth and development over the years.

The company’s support for independent media reporting and its dedication to fostering professional growth and career advancement within the Liberian media landscape were also commended.

GNN emphasized AML’s holistic approach by pointing out the company’s investments in employee health, education, and safety.

Mrs. Charlesetta Peters, the Acting Head of Corporate Services Department at AML, received the certificate of honor on behalf of the company at the awards ceremony.

Expressing gratitude, Mrs. Peters conveyed appreciation to GNN for the remarkable recognition and extended thanks from the CEO and AML’s management.

She emphasized that AML’s standing as the highest contributor to Liberia’s revenue, coupled with its position as the largest private sector employer, was pivotal to securing the award.

Mrs. Peters assured attendees that AML is poised to accomplish significant milestones in 2024.

In addition to the accolades, AML has been actively involved in various initiatives in Liberia.

The company has consistently championed community development projects, focusing on infrastructure, healthcare, and education.

AML’s commitment to sustainable practices in the extractive industry has been evident through its environmental conservation efforts and engagement with local communities.

The company’s varied human capacity development has facilitated skills advance programs, empowering individuals to participate in the evolving job market and economic landscape.

As AML continues to be a huge partner in Liberia’s economic progress, the recent recognition by GNN serves as a testament to the company’s contributions and its dedication to fostering a thriving and sustainable future for the nation.

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  1. E Massoud says

    “Primary revenue generator” for Lib? Let’s compare apples to apples. Why did the CEO refuse to answered how much AML has generated for itself over 20 plus years of operation in comparison to revenue generated for Liberia? Buchanan is still in darkness and GNN is giving high honors? No steel factories, no Pellet and Washing Plants while primary focuses are extractive export of raw minerals to be processed in overseas factories? FDI policy benefits AML tremendously while Liberia get crumbs of the table.

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