Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, PLP leader is dead -As Family, supporters thrown in painful mourning

Liberians woke up to an early morning hair-rising news of the death of the political leader and Vision Bearer of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP), Dr. Daniel Estrada Cassell in the United States. Sources close to the demised politician said the incident occurred around 2 am Liberian time on Monday, December 26, 2022. He was 56, just two weeks away to his 57th birthday. He was born on January 8, 1956.

The National Chairman of the Party, Mr. Tapple E. Doe, who is also an in-law to the late Dr. Cassell, in tears while confirming the sad news , said the widow, Mrs. Bindu Coleman Cassell  and family are devastated upon hearing the news and has thrown everyone in a state of painful mourning. He did not however give any detail surrounding the circumstances that led to his untimely death.  

The death of Dr. Cassell, the vision/ standard bearer of the thriving PLP came as a shock to many people who followed his last post on his official Facebook Account wishing Liberians and his supporters a merry Christmas and a new year and followers who commented reciprocating in similar manner while also calling him to return as soon as possible to continue his political journey that has attracted many based on the uncommon welfarist  policy of the party.

Season greetings  fellow liberators and compatriots:

 As we Christians and fellow citizens observe today marking the birth of our Lord and Saviour , Jesus Christ, my wife and I would like to extend to all of you and your families a merry Christmas and blessed new year 2023 ! May our observation be grounded in the true meaning of the season and strengthen our faith in Christ.

We wish you all a merry !!!

Approved by:

Dr. Daniel E. Cassell

Vision/Standard Bearer-PLP”, Dr. Cassell posted on his wall.

Few hours later he posted another piece, this time thanking his followers for reaching a 12k mark of the number of people who followed him on Facebook globally.

“I have reached 12k followers! Thank you for your continued support. I could not have done it without each of you.

Why many people are still in shock and unable to get over the death news, one of his many friends, Samuel Jackson posted to facebook  to announce the news “RIP Dr. Daniel Cassell”

Dr. Cassell, a humanitarian par excellence, took the political scene by storm when he transitioned his humanitarian gesture to a full political initiative, organizing and officially registering the PLP as a full fledged political party to contest the 2023 and subsequent elections in the country. He was elected unopposed as the Standard Bearer and Political leader during its maiden national convention almost two years ago.

  1. Jake Doe says

    Rest In Peace, child of God, Dr. Daniel Cassell!!!! Whether you fought a good fight or you fought whatever fight, truly judging you can only be done by God and by God alone!!! For in a world where values embedded in sacred and legal inscriptions have

    (1) become mere decorations as made evident with world powerful leaderships, whether in America or Russia or China, UK , etc., for their acquisition of money and power would not even value human life, and would engage in an insurrection commanded by a sitting President Donald Trump against the US Capitol, the buying and selling of sanctions, as been done by corrupt rascals in the public officialdom of the USA against Liberian patriots and popular candidates of the incumbent government, and

    (2) as was the case with the illegal invasion of Iraq, the ochestration of the Liberian wars, the slaughter of innocent Lybians, because powerful leaderships wanted Muammar Qadafi out of their way to have access to Lybian oil, WITH

    (3) ONLY GOD AND GOD ALONE BEING THE JUDGE in mankind’s urgings viz the acquisition of power, winning at all cost, and deception of others for a profit ….values IGNORANTLY BELIEVED important to success in a highly competitive , business oriented planet, you

    (4) like others before you in this JOURNEY OF LIFE, have simply gone on with the ride and flowed with the tide! Hence,

    (5) the poet thunderforth… THE TIDE RISES THE TIDE FALLS, THE TWILLINGHT DARKENS THE CURLEW CALLS!!! And we, in humility to God,

    (6) RESOUND from beyond the stars …..Rest In Peace, child of God, Dr. Daniel Cassell!!!! Whether you fought a good fight or you fought whatever fight, truly judging you can only be done by God and God alone!!!!!

  2. Mustapha v. Yah says

    Rest in peace!

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