Dr. Cassell’s Gesture Benefits 400 Widows, Others Communities -Says Every Liberian Deserves the Better Life

By Stephen G. Fellajuah

The presence of a US trained Liberian Philanthropist and Humanitarian, Dr. Daniel Cassell, was felt at the Cradle Kids Foundation Academy when Dr. Cassel he paid acquaintance visit to the National Widows Association of Liberia when they converged at the Cradle Kids to receive the humanitarian.

During the visit which was intended to address some of the challenges the Widows are faced with, Dr. Cassell, having appeared and gazed at the gathering, said he was convinced that the widows that gathered at the site were people who actually need help.

He said all Liberians are equal before God and the law and deserve the best to live, saying that his presence in the country has constitute change that has come to directly affect the masses of underprivileged Liberians.

Dr. Cassell indicated that his love for Liberia and Liberians give him reason to share with them, and promised to construct the head office for the National Widows Association of Liberia.

Addressing scores of residents Wednesday, when he toured several communities in Montserrado including Brewersville, VOA, Soniwein, Transgan Town and Randall Street, Dr. Cassell said his return to Liberia is based on the principle of love for country, having left the country through a scholarship opportunity that took him abroad.

He told the crowds of people to be assured of the benefits of what God has blessed him with, disclosing that the Dr. Cassell Foundation will work with the communities in helping to solve their problems.   

As a passionate philanthropist, he explained that his dream is to reach out to the underprivileged population across the country, saying we all have issues to the point that we have to work to resolve these issues.

Saying that other helped him in his struggle and therefore sees it as a binding responsibility to help others, the Liberian humanitarian added that the poor people are his friends so he was visiting at their various communities to know their needs.

He frowned on politicians who continue to steal the resources of the country – leaving the owners of those resources to linger in abject poverty, saying that he’s not a politician who lies, but noted that he is a person who does whatever he says.

 In Brewerville, VOA the community, the residents of that community stressed to Dr. Cassell the need to upgrade the health facility in that part of Montserrado, for scholarships, loan and youth empowerment.

Having listened to their needs, Dr. Cassell assured that his institution is going to work with heads of various groupings to ensure that the needs of the community people are addressed in a not distance time.

In remarks, The Chairlady for the Friends for Dr. Cassel, Miatta Cooper, who was the host of the program in Brewersville, thanked Dr. Cassell for his humanitarian services across the country and on behalf of her organization, she gowned Dr. Cassell for his service to humanity.

Also making remarks, the president of the Spartan Football Club and CEO of the progressive youth for Change, Mr. Darrius T. Darway, said Dr. Cassell is in Liberian to liberate Liberians. He said Dr. Cassell should not be carried away by critics.

Speaking for the women, the President of the National Widows Association of Liberia, Madam Rosie D. Wiah, thanked the Liberian humanitarian for his work, and pray that he continues to remember the widows on his humanitarian mission in the country.

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