Dismissed PLP Sec Gen Fires Back At Cassell -Denounces dismissal, says PLP for Liberians

Dismissed Secretary General of the People’s Liberation Party Kansualism Berk Kansuah has sharply reacted to his removal by the political leader of the party, Dr. Daniel E. Cassell and said General Policy Commission (GPC) and the Administrative Leadership Congress (ALC) of the party are calling on Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, one of its founders and incorporators, to desist from interfering in the day to day operations of the party.

Mr. Kansuah, in his reaction, said in a release issued yesterday that, “consistent with the charter, the ALC is responsible for and oversees the day to day operations of the party under the supervision of the National Chairman. But from all indications, recent development within the party seems to suggest that Cassell has been in the constant habit of superimposing himself over the various organs of the party in total violation of the charter”.

According to Mr. Mr. Kansuah, the ALC is “advising Dr. Cassell to henceforth to desist from this undemocratic, arbitrary, and woeful act. This act has the potential to undermine the Liberation agenda as clearly articulated in the preamble of the party’s charter”.

“While the ALC recognizes and appreciates the sacrifices made by Dr. Cassell and others, it should be noted that the People’s Liberation Party is 100% owned by the patriotic citizens of the Republic of Liberia, as indicated in Article 1, section 1 of the charter”. He said.

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