“I Will Expose the Big Guns” -Suspended Absconded Buchanan Port Manager Threatens

The apparent attempt by the George Weah-led government to curb corruption and graft has met a stiff snag, as one of the five officials recently sanctioned by the Liberian government from travelling outside of the country pending the outcome of investigations into their involvement in corrupt practices, has reportedly absconded Liberia surreptitiously. Mr. Charles MacArthur D. Gull, the suspended Buchanan Port Manager who was recently accused of transferring up to US$200,000 of government revenues collected from mining corporations into his personal account, and was said to have been turned over to national anti-corruption and security institutions, is now threatening to expose top government officials of the Weah government for complicity into the deal, after fleeing the country reportedly with the assistance of top security personnel.

“It’s about time I speak and make clarity about the entire allegation. I had no option than accepting under duress, fear of death, being in imminent danger. I have all the documents and communications in my possession. Locking my office not to get hold of any documents was a failed attempt, because any documents I deemed essential was kept on my iCloud and it will be published to the press and the Liberian people. I won’t be the sacrificial lamb,” Mr. Gull posted on his social media page Monday, following few days of being incognito.

“I am safe now, I can talk. If it wasn’t about my integrity, I would have kept quiet. I will apologize to friends that this clarity will expose, but it’s about my name being rubbed in the dirt while the real culprits are the big guns,” Gull stated Sunday, August 16, 2021 on his social media wall.

The admission from MacArthur Gull comes in the wake of a recent press conference held by the National Port Authority wherein authorities of that agency disclosed Gull’s admission of siphoning state funds into his personal account.

“The Management of National Port Authority informs the public that Buchanan Port Manager, Mr. Charles D. Gull and Amara Kamara, Chief statistician, outstation ports, have been suspended with immediate effect without pay for alleged financial impropriety. The two employees will remain suspended until the outcome of an ongoing investigation which they have been subjected to,” the NPA admitted during its press conference on the issue.

Top Security Complicity?

The big question now hanging on the lips of concerned Liberians is how could MacArthur Gull escape the country following court orders restricting his movements outside the country?

But according to cogent information availed to this paper, throughout his ordeal, Mr. Gull was protected by higher ups of the Weah Government, who in fact impressed on investigation agencies to exercise leniency towards the suspect.

“The command to play low on Gull came from way up. These were commands that our security people could not override,” disclosed a topnotch security source whose identity cannot be revealed.

Citizens React

Responding to MacAurthur Gull latest revelation concerning his involvement in the alleged stealing of state resources, a cross section of Liberians has been wagging their tongues.

Haruna Asma Keita says he has been pining to hear the real story from Mr. Gull himself.

“Charles MacArthur D. Gull, I have been longing to hear your story. We believe in the in process of giving young people opportunity to serve even if they have no experience. It is through service knowledge is gained and applied. You are one of the many examples of a young man serving in high position. It’s our hope that you guys will shape the negative perception of young people serving in the public sector. When I heard of your story I was hurt and letdown but wise enough not to jump into conclusion. Looking forward to hearing from you. Best regards,” Keita averred.

As for Mohamed Kiawu, MacArthur Gull must speak out and disclose the details of his ordeal.

“I have written too many posts on you based on the reports available to us. However, I am waiting to get your side of the story to validate the actual story, and if necessary apologize for my wrong, if any. Please speak to redeem your youthful image!!!” Kiawu urged his compatriot from Liberia’s Grand Cape Mount County.

In the case of Mustapha Dukuly, Mr. Gull must explain himself to clear the doubts about his involvement in the NPA stolen funds saga.

Even if the evidence is so broad, always give another man the opportunity to explain his side of the tale. Before concluding, keep your emotions and feelings in a symmetrical balance. I’m not saying there isn’t a silver lining or there’s a silver lining in Charles MacArthur D. Gull’s situation, but it does give room for something spectacular. Charles MacArthur D. Gull, we are looking forward to attentively lending our ears to you,” Mr. Dukuly cautioned.

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