“Criminals Faking My Name” -McGill Raises Alarm

MONROVIA – As a proactive way of keeping some unscrupulous individuals at bay from tarnishing his name and hard-earned reputation, former Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Mr. Nathaniel Farlo McGill has raised an alarm on the existence of individuals that are in the habit of faking his name and identities to defraud people and commit other nefarious acts. Mr. McGill is therefore warning the public to disregard such persons in the event advances were made to them for any benefit such as jobs, business opportunities, or special preference to facilitate a transaction.

Speaking exclusively to The Analyst yesterday, Mr. McGill who said he was totally disturbed about the ugly behavior clearly meant to soil his name and his reputation, stated that he was taken aback for such characters to embark upon a path of criminal mischief, stressing, that unfortunately whatever the imposters are claiming they could do in his name are not within his reach.

“I want to raise this alarm and I am serious about it that some people are using my name through fictitious accounts on Facebook, WhatsApp or messengers, and are soliciting shady business deals to unsuspecting people, such as telling people that I can give them jobs, money, special favor and facilitating business transactions if those whom they are fooling are willing to pay some money upfront.

“Those are criminals, they are devilish and all they are after is to deceive people using my good name and the hard earned-reputation I have worked for over the years. They use these social media platforms to scam victims, lying to them in my name of fake offers that don’t exist or what they cannot get for the people.

“In the first place, I am no longer in government, I don’t know what happens there and I don’t have any contact or influence that people may think I have. There are only two things right now that preoccupy my activities. One is, I am now a full-time farmer; I spend more time on my farm. The second is I am working with my people in Margibi County to realize the mandate they have expressed willingly to represent them in the Liberian Senate in the next dispensation”, the Margibi Senatorial hopeful said.

Asked why could be the reason that unknown characters will be bent on faking his name and identities, the former Chief of Office Staff for President George Manneh Weah said he too was baffled about the diabolical acts, but gave a clue that may have influenced these people whom he said are not known to him.

“I am also concerned about this because I don’t know them and I have never done any business with them before. But what I know is they are out to tarnish my name and reputation for no reason.

“So, I am warning the public to be very careful with them before they fall victim. They are using my photos and attaching them to Facebook, WhatsApp and messenger. But I do not use Facebook or messenger to communicate with anyone.

“When someone on Facebook or messenger is talking to you or wants to do business and using my name tell the person to put the video on so that you will know the true identity of the person who is talking to you. Don’t allow the person to use my name and ask you for money or something to get a job or some favor. It is not me. Those are criminals. So, if you hear someone telling you to come for a pickup or job, just know it is not me”, Mr. McGill said.

Mr. McGill said he has taken up the issue with the police just like he has done before to register his complaint and repeatedly warned the public from patronizing those whom he called crooks.

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