COVID-19 Food Distribution Moves to Todee District -Margibi and Nimba Counties Next to Receive Food

Tolberta Township Commissioner in Todee District, Hon Daniel S.K. Pabie, has expressed satisfaction over the ongoing COVID-19 Household Food Support Program (COHFSP) distribution to community residents of Todee District in Montserrado County. Commissioner Pabie, in a telephone conversation, acknowledged the smooth distribution process, adding that “I have been told by my people who have received food that they are satisfied with rations which is very timely”. He then thanked the Government of Liberia, World Food Programme and partners for the food package. He said he would shortly take a tour of distribution sites to personally interact with the citizens and distribution team.

The World Food Programme (WFP) and partners have distributed food rations in rural Montserrado targeting over 19,600 households in 36 communities in 8 clans of Todee District.

Mulbah Flomo, a resident of Kemy Town in Todee District, has a household of 6 family members. “Me and my family have just received 2 bags of 25kg rice, 1gallon of oil, and 28 cups of beans. It’s very important to us, well appreciated. The government came to us at the right time, and we thank them”.

Mariah Moore of Gongons Town has 5 family members while Gormah Singbeh of Mongbamah Town has 3 family members. Both women said the food rations would be a great enabler in enhancing their family livelihoods and family bond. “We are very happy with the food. We did not have food at all because we did not make farm this year. We will use the food to feed the family, remain together, and do other work”, said Gormah.

At the same time, Hon Mamie Barking, Town Chief of Kollie Town, said the distribution process was peaceful, well organized, and going fine. “Today, I am very happy to see my people receiving food, it’s a peaceful exercise and the fact that the people are happy to get this food, I myself am happy because it is good for the family,” she said.

Margibi, Nimba Counties Next in Line

WFP’s Head of Programme, Amos Ballayan said: “While distribution is ongoing in Todee, Kingsville and nearby areas, we will shortly commence distribution in Margibi and Nimba once we complete arranging the community clustering process and preparing distribution plan for the clustered communities”. He disclosed that WFP and partners are working in liaison with community structures to organize the off-loading and provide security, in conjunction with the LNP, for the food commodities.

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