Cllr. Boakai Kanneh Speaks From Sick Bed -Says He Was Beaten Mercilessly By “Country Devil”

The brother of Gbarpolu County Independent senatorial candidate Madam Botoe Kanneh says nothing will deter him from ensuring that the electoral process in Gbarpolu is free and fair, without intimidation, fear or favor, as long he is breathing life. Speaking with The Analyst last evening from his hospital bed, Cllr. Boakai Kanneh said he has a special stake in the Gbarpolu County Elections because he is not only a citizen of Gbarpolu, but his sister is also a candidate, vowing to ensure that everyone follows the ground rules.

Disclosing his ordeal, Cllr. Kanneh said he is currently undergoing treatment at a local medical center due to the severe beatings he received at the hands of “Country Devil” in Norma Town, Gbarpolu, where he had traveled recently to observe his sister participate in the midterm senatorial elections.

“I am here for treatment because I was beaten mercilessly in the presence of the security. After the “country devil” came outside, the security fled, making me very vulnerable to the “devil”.  But I didn’t see devil beating me. I saw human beings beating me. They manhandled me; they beat me with cords. I just did my first X-ray. I don’t know what the results will be. The color of my urine has also changed. The doctor is concerned, so they have to run series of tests,” Cllr. Kanneh told this paper.

He said for the past three nights he has not been able to sleep because of the severe flogging he received from the “devils” in Gbarpolu, in the presence of Liberian security officers.

“This happened in Norma. It was not the security people. But if in the presence of the security a group of guys take the law into their hands and say they’re bringing out devil and flog you, is it not security negligence, or are they saying that the devil is powerful more than security? Is that the impression that we will get? So if that is the impression that we get, then it means that our law will now support “devil” conducting elections. We detest that to the fullest!” Cllr. Kanneh lamented.

Despite his condition, Cllr. Kanneh has vowed to ensure there is free and fair election in Gbarpolu County.

“I am a citizen from Gbarpolu, I have an interest in the process. My sister is contesting. Obviously, naturally, I have an interest. We are not asking for more. We only want to see free and fair elections in Gbarpolu. The ground rules should be laid; everybody abides by the rules. Those who have registered legitimately with NEC should be allowed to vote without intimidation, fear or favor. But the fact that elections are being held and cancelled twice in that Norma place because of country devil hostility, it means that the place is unfit to hold the elections. We must find an alternative venue,” Cllr. Kanneh said.

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