Charlyne Brumskine Announces L$1m initiative -Forms Education Scholarship In Father’s Name

MONROVIA – Cllr Charles Walker Brumskine was an astute politician and accomplished legal luminary who many Liberians follow for mentorship and charity. He had craved well to build a new Liberia with his vast knowledge and love for country. Though fate did not allow him to take the Liberian High Seat of Power, devotees are not allowing his sterling legacy perish without keeping it alive. One of those watering the fallen learned Liberian barrister posthumous image is his daughter, nicknamed by admirers as “New Cllr Brumskine”, Cllr Charlyne M. Brumskine. Paramount amongst ways she is nursing her father’s legacy is to support a family foundation that would raise funds to cater to the unfortunate people of Liberia, specifically those seeking education and entrepreneurship. The Analyst reports.    

The family of the late legal luminary and a political connoisseur, Cllr. Charles Walker Brumkskine, has taken a bold step to further keep his memory alive. The key strategy is to cater to unfortunate citizens, particularly make education affordable for young people in the country, especially in Grand Bassa County.

Making the disclosure of the package yesterday in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, the “New Cllr. Brumskine” as the deceased’s daughter, Cllr. Charlyne Brusmkin, is affectionately called by her admirers, said the initiative is a way of elevating the gesture her late father, whom she described as someone who was a major donor to young people’s pursuit of education.

“My late father was known for two things in this country during his lifetime: one is his support to the cause of education, especially the young people of Grand Bassa County. He was interested in the human capital development of this country, he did it with passion for his country and so this is something we are doing to keep his legacy alive.”

She noted that Cllr. Brumskine was one of the major donors of scholarship in Grand Bassa County through the Brumskine Family Foundation. Fortunately, we will be launching a one million Liberia scholarship.

She said the scholarship will cover some adults who are mothers and have no other formal education institution.

Cllr Brumsine also indicated that the scholarship would be divided into two segments – LD500K will be for the first semester and the other half for the second semester with bulk going to the University students.

 Explaining the importance of education, she asserted that education is key to transformation as well as transformation from darkness to light.

She added that nothing is much better than educating other children.

The young lawyer who recently set an outstanding record when he topped the Supreme Court Bar exam, coming out in flying colors that went viral, said she was fortunate to acquire good education from some of the best institutions in the world, including JJ Roberts United Methodist High School in Monrovia but completed her high school education in the United States due to the Liberian civil war.

She matriculated to the university for her degree and returned home to contribute her quota to the nation- building process and also enrolled for the law degree at the Louis Arthur Grimes.

Reflecting on her academic prowess, including the first place taken in the Bar Exams, Madam Brumskine said it is testimony that “Liberians can do better when they want to be and can be the best amongst their peers in other countries.’

  1. Garsuah Gborvlehn says

    TAKE THIS DISINFORMATION BACK THAT ” Cllr Charles Walker Brumskine was an astute politician and accomplished legal luminary who many Liberians follow for mentorship and charity. He had craved well to build a new Liberia with his vast knowledge and love for country.” CHARLES BRUMSKINE WAS NONE OF THE ABOVE!

    In all of Charles Brumskines professional and political life, a selfish individual, he has always been ANTI SOCIAL ADVOCACY AND AN ACCOMPLICE OF THE RULING ELITES AND THE FOREIGN BUSINESS ELITES. His hands were and are stained with human blood from his role and status within the NPFL KILLING MACHINE. And this is the curse which has fallen on his business entity he established called the Liberty now a political corpse.

  2. Jake Doe says

    Brumskine Praying? Why Now?

    By J. Nagbe Sloh

    The Perspective
    Atlanta, Georgia

    May 16, 2002

    Editor’s Note: Due to the fighting in Liberia and in response to Abraham Massaley’s request address to Liberian journalists in the Diaspora to pray for their homeland, Counselor Charles W. Brumskine recently wrote: “I like to join Abraham in beeching all of us to pray for our country and our people back home. That is exactly what my household and I are doing.” In reaction to Counselor Brumskine’s call, asking the Liberian people to pray for peace, J. Nagbe Sloh sent the following comments to The Perspective.

    Before he died in 1978, my father had always told me that the same rope that hangs monkey would hang baboon, and that it is therefore not a good thing for baboon to dance when monkey is being tied.

    I remembered that saying this evening when I read a note to Liberians from Counselor Charles Brumskine, asking Liberians to “pray for our country and our people back home,” adding, “That is exactly what my household and I are doing.”

    At first, I thought this Charles Brumskine was another Liberian genuinely concerned about Liberia and its people. Little did I know it would be the Charles Brumskine who was Charles Taylor’s most trusted spokesman and public relations man in Monrovia during the civil war. In fact, after the 1997 elections, Taylor appointed Brumskine Grand Bassa Senator and President Pro Tempore of the Senate for arrogantly defending the unimaginable mayhem and property destruction rained upon Liberians and Liberia by Taylor and his NPFL.

    Now that I know who this Brumskine is, I am sorrowfully reminded by that eloquent voice of this learned lawyer when, in the heat of the NPFL’s atrocities and plunder, he was a very loud voice in defense of the NPFL. I remember how Counselor Brumskine, Gus Kouwenhoven, and some other ice-hearted Liberians took to the airwaves and used newspaper pages to defend Taylor and all other NPFL gangsters.

    Yes, I remember how they abused the protection provided them by ECOMOG and Sawyer’s Interim Government, and got away with impunity. They fought the Interim Government and ECOWAS on behalf of Taylor and his gangsters while at the same time enjoying the safety and luxury of the Liberian people’s sweat, Hotel Africa.

    I guess that during those days, Counselor Brumskine either did not know or forgot that Liberia and Liberians needed the prayers of his household and himself. When the Liberian people were crying for God’s help, especially during Taylor’s “Operation Octopus,” Brumskine rejoiced, clapped, danced, and defended the killing of Liberians and foreigners by the NPFL. So, why does he want to pray now? Have you discovered something, Counselor? Me, I just want to know, because I still remember how you helped Taylor and his NPFL rain terror on the same people and country you “pray” for today.

    During those days, I still remember, no one could make sense to you and your friend Gus, that sucker of Liberia’s blood. Even the Liberian women, through the Liberian Women’s Initiate, tried fruitlessly to calm you down. You and Counselor Benedict Sarnor were too hot to handle when it came to defending Taylor. You flew from country to country, pushing Taylor’s killing agenda. So, why now, Counselor? What difference would the prayers make today that it could not make when you were aiding and abetting Taylor’s war machine? Me, I just want to know, because I still remember how wicked you have been to the Liberian people while working for your masters, Taylor and his NPFL.

    Yes, I welcome prayers for Liberia and Liberians, but the ones from people like Brumskine will further hurt Liberia, because God knows that the Brumskines are politicking with the blood and sweat of His children. Good night, and tell Counselor Brumskine to pray for himself. The Liberian people will pray for themselves. After all, what he helped plant is what Liberia is suffering from now.

    May God bless Liberia!

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