CDCians Celebrate Weah’s “Reelection Victory” -As 2023 Campaign Gains Full Steam on Day 1

The ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) might be faced with a Herculean task to see their flagbearer George Manneh Weah win reelection in the midst of the growing socioeconomic turbulence that rocks the country, yet CDCians remained unfazed, as they assembled from parts rampant on Saturday, August 5, 2023 to commemorate the official launch of the 2023 elections campaign at their Congo Town headquarter where multiple events were held to herald what the CDCians believed was a pre-victory celebration of President Weah’s reelection on October 10, 2023.

Trekking from all parts of the city, CDCians in their thousands marched triumphantly towards their headquarters in Congo Town, chanting pro-Weah and anti-opposition slogans under the drenching rain. Undeterred by the raging elements, the CDC partisans, mostly dressed in blue or white t-shirts with matching blue or bed berets, carried banners and placards depicting the photos of President Weah and Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor.

As the procession of die hard CDCians made its way slowly but surely towards Congo Town, some members of the CDC Youth League were seen parading with a casket bearing the photographs of former President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, in what some CDCians described as a symbolic gesture that depicted the “final nail in Ambassador Boakai’s political coffin after he shall have lost the presidential elections to President Weah for the second time”.

Grand Gospel Campaign

As partisans of the ruling party made their way towards Congo Town, the campaign launch took an uncharacteristic turn inside the walls of the CDC headquarters as thousands of CDCians got into the frenzy of the Gospel Campaign, signing praises to God for delivering victory on October 10.

The partisans, mostly decked in white tops and matching white pants or dresses, chanted and danced to melodic praise songs, with some of them yelling, “CDC, your kingdom must up, opposition your kingdom must come down!”

The all-day gospel affair seemed to be a complete deviation from past CDC campaigns that were marked by merrymaking and revelry.

“We are praising God for delivering victory for President Weah on October 10. The battle is already won, so we have nothing to do but to praise God,” remarked Cecelia Duo, a partisan from West Point who said she trekked to her headquarters to be a part of this historic campaign launch.

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