Boakai Brokers Alliance with Political Actors -To Ensure Runoff Victory; And To Form Govt. of Inclusion

LIBERIA: Leaving no stone unturned in ensuring a resounding victory in the runoff election slated for November 7, 2023, the Unity Party Alliance and its Standard Bearer Joseph Nyuma Boakai have been holding serious discussions with institutions across the political aisle with the aim of convincing them join the Rescue Mission to democratically vote out incumbent President George Manneh Weah and form a broad-based government of inclusion.

According to well-informed sources from the Unity Party (UP), former Vice President Boakai over the weekend held strategic meetings with representatives from key political institutions to join the Rescue Mission in mapping out strategies that would effectively harness sufficient votes for the UP Alliance to kick Weah out.

Among political institutions that Ambassador Boakai is said to have held discussions with over the weekend are the GDM of Edward Appleton, Jr.; ALCOP of Lusinee Kamara, and the CPP of Alexander Cummings. Others include the LPP of Cllr. Tiawan Gongloe, LINU of Dr. Clarence Monibah, as well as a plethora of political institutions that participated in the October 10 presidential and legislative elections which saw incumbent Weah and Ambassador Boakai going neck-to-neck with 43% each, forcing the two top-tiered candidates to a runoff in November.

Speaking to The Analyst, another highly placed source with the Unity Party Alliance camp confirmed that the meetings so far have been rewarding, with all parties agreeing to forge a common front that leads to the ouster of President Weah and his second-term bid.

“To be frank, we are tired of the misrule of this government. The country is stuck in a situation that resembles the war years, except this time, there is no excuse for the way Weah and his people are running this country into the ground. The guns are silent, but the bellies of our citizens are growling with hunger more resounding than the sounds of bazookas and RPGs.

“Joe Boakai is showing his preparedness to work with all parties and bring this nightmare to an end on November 7. Our people cannot wait for this new day when they can breathe fresh air and reap the benefits of good governance. We are going into this runoff with extra vigilance and caution, knowing fully well that Weah has to his advantage all the vehicles of statecraft to thwart the aspirations of the Liberian people. We will not leave any stone unturned to check every and any machination from this government,” the source indicated.

It can be recalled that Unity Party leader Boakai on October 19, 2023 spoke for the first time after the October 10 elections, calling on everyone from all spectrum of the Liberian political aisle to join him to redeem Liberia.

“On the journey to October 10, 2023, you, our people, defied rain and thunder; you defied the scorching sun and the suffocating heat; you defied sleep and fatigue. You walked long distances and crossed many rivers and creeks in common bond and solidarity with the Rescue Mission. You did so because you love Liberia deeply.

“My fellow Liberians, our country needs to be fixed from a broken governance system. Our country needs to be swept of corruption. Our country needs to be redeemed. Our country needs to be reunited. Indeed, our country needs to be rescued.

“To achieve these lofty goals, we need every Liberian and resident alike.  I am convinced that all the talents and ideas we need to rebuild our country cannot be found in a single party, tribe, county, region or religion. That is why I am committed to forming a government of inclusion when we ultimately achieve our grand goal of democratically evicting President Weah from the Executive Mansion in a few weeks.

“We shall form a government that truly reflects the political, ethnic, regional, and religious, and gender diversity of our country. We shall form a government in which the true value of a Liberian is not determined by loyalty to party but by loyalty to country, competence and love for country.

“We are, therefore, reaching out to our brothers and sisters in the other political parties to unite: “In Union strong success is sure. We will overall prevail. We plead with everyone to join the Rescue Team and finish the job to make our country to breathe freely again.  Liberia will rise again and flourish under our leadership.

“Together, we can, and we will effectively tackle the KUSH epidemic in our country and save the future of our young people. We want to bring honor to our families, stop the bleeding of our resources, offer a responsible government and rescue our country. We will not let you down!

“To achieve this, we crave your sense of patriotism; a call to our elders, our youths, our mothers and all Liberians. Our journey is not over, we have a runoff. This is the real test to our commitment. I am convinced with God our helper, we will prevail!” Boakai stated at the time.

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  1. Jake Doe says


    YOU are elitism, a decadent order, corruption, unreliability, wickedness, and incompetence personified.

    Accordingly, Given the fact that you and your useless and very incompetent, and extremely selfish and rotten and corrupt Unity party stole two elections and stayed in power WITHOUT CARRYING OUT ANY DEVELOPMENTS IN THE COUNTRY, it would

    (1) certainly be insanity on the part of any patriotic and professional Liberian or Liberian political party to reject a call from a coalition …the CDC and its dynamic, young, progressive transformational President Dr. George Manneh Weah who has made and erected so much unprecedented developments and

    (2) listen to you Boakai a mere transactional and vain guy and your CROCODILE CRY FOR GOVERNMENT OF INCLUSION.

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