“Cummings Deliberately Rigged Out of Race” -Sources Give Detailed Account of “Conspiracy”

LIBERIA: The last is yet to be heard of the mystery surrounding the dismal performance of CPP Standard Bearer Alexander B. Cummings in the just ended October 10, 2023, who before the hotly contested race was one of the three top contenders tipped to have made it to the second round. But as some sources have informed this outlet, there were some systemic frauds deliberately hatched to get the CPP leader out of the race, thus leading to his dismal showing at the just-ended polls.

According to the findings of the sources, copy of which is in possession of The Analyst, those responsible for the fraud worked for the government which is “in the know that Cummings delivered messages of hope, national renewal and a radical departure of doing things over and over with the same results and the message resonated well with the people for which they were resolved to pick Cummings far ahead of other candidates, including President George Manneh Weah during the general elections”.

“First thing, they deliberately set up a goal to ensure that ABC doesn’t come closer to winning first, second or third place”, the report said in its introductory note that well catalogued the debacle in a step-by-step analysis of what went on.

The report deflated the “fallacies that Weah is a very popular politician whose popularity was enough to win him the President, the insinuation to justify him winning the first round according to the records from NEC”, and stressed that Weah at the peak of his popularity has never won over 38%; in 2005 he came around 28%. With all the alliances he built in 2017, he never crossed 38% during the first round”, and wondered how the President got the little over 43%.

Giving the details of the report, the sources said most of the invalid votes belonged to Cummings just as it was stated that he won decisively in Grand Bassa, Maryland, Margibi and 4 districts in Montserrado county.

The report lamented the low poll watching representation from the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), on whose ticket Cummings contested along with Cllr. Charlyne M. Brumskine, noting that less than 10% representation nationwide enabled those who hatched the plot against him to have a field day unhindered.

“When the elections were over, the poll workers counted the tally sheet and logged in numbers of each candidate by hand. During this process, poll workers were deliberately marking ABC’s votes in another space thus making the ballot invalid.

“Weah and his people had multiple people in their thousands deployed around the country carrying badges and tags marked as Election Monitors, signed by Mulbah Morlu. These people had mobile money pre-loaded into their cell phones by CDC’s headquarters.

“They went around from one polling place to other polling places sending mobile money to the poll workers through their phone numbers. They get to the polling centers and ask for their numbers and wired the money to them”, the report said.

The report said as part of their well-crafted game plan, those poll workers will then switch numbers on the tally sheets, where according to the report, “if ABC gets 75 votes at the polling center, they will check another mark against another candidate’s name, then it becomes an invalid ballot”.

“They will do that to about 35 of his ballots. Now you have a balance of 40 votes. Of those 40 votes, when they were entering into the tally sheets by hand, they entered 5 for him and gave 35 to Appleton or they split them 3 ways between Appleton, Weah and Boakai. This is how they denied him over 200k votes.

“Then when the tally sheets are sent to the magistrate locked up in the ballot boxes, the locks will then be broken in the presence of all the observers, and monitors and poll watchers (most of whom were CDCIANS). At that point, they don’t recheck the ballot paper; all they will do is take off the tallies and show it around to make sure that they took it from the box and they match the number on the box.

“Now, there’s no way to verify if those ballots in those boxes reflect the numbers on the tallies. They will, thereafter, give the tallies to the data people to input the numbers on the sheets into the computers data base and onward transmit them to Monrovia.

“During these transmissions, anywhere they saw Cummings had votes over 50, they would transmit 5 votes for him, and the rest divided among Weah, JNB and Appleton”, the report said.

The report made some startling revelations that the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) perfected the fraud for a long time when others were literally asleep, training for more than 6 months learning from “simulated databases for these tasks and they constitute over 80% of the database and poll workers”.

The report said it was just impossible for Cummings to have lost Maryland and Bassa, citing reasons that both Cummings and running mate Cllr. Brumskine are from those counties and obviously the counties are strongholds of the two; while also dismissing any chance of Edward Appleton Jr, emerging as the surprise wildcard in the general elections.

“How can JNB win in his vice running mate’s county, same as Weah in JHT’s home county, but Cummings lost to Weah and JNB in Grand Bassa, where his VP’s candidate comes from?

“It’s impossible for Appleton to obtain more votes than ABC. The strategy is to pair Boakai with Weah in the second round because they knew that when they cheat him, he wouldn’t do anything.

“If those votes were to be rechecked, you will see that 90% of the invalid votes were those of Cummings. About 40% of his ballots were deliberately switched to all the 3 top so-called candidates.

“He was far ahead of Weah and he was the only candidate that campaigned constantly and consistently all over the country for the past 5 years. They planned this long ago and we kept telling you.

“They are paying back because they said he brought sanctions on them. He should demand a recount of all the ballots and reviews of all the invalid votes; moreover, the reviews of all the data that were sent from the various magistrates vs the actual tally sheets from the various polling places”, the report said.

Recounting what they called “monumental fraud”, the report cited an instance of where several families went to vote for Cummings and at the end of the day, he got either 2 or 3 votes surprisingly. There are several such stories where entire families voted for ABC, but at the end of the day, he only got 2 or 3 votes.

The report contended that Weah was not supposed to be in the 2nd round as he did not make the threshold; and urged CPP to demand for a recount so that the facts will be revealed. “They cheated him big time. This information is very factual because we talk to those guys every day”, the report said.

“ABC won at least Maryland, Margibi, Bassa and came 2nd in Montserrado and Bong. They took away substantial votes from him in lower Bong County. This was professionally planned with the help of an Ivorian. The other thing is they deliberately made sure that they used a very dull carbon paper that the writings faded away in hours”, the report concluded.

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