ANC Appoints Yar-Toe, Rev. Holley to Lead Diaspora Outreach Operations

In a bid to realign its political administrative structure, the Alternative National Congress (ANC) has announced the appointment of Mr. Emmanuel Yar-Toe as the ANC Outreach Liaison.

According to an ANC press release issued Sunday, September 5, 2021, Mr. Yar-Toe, who represents a new generation of results-oriented activists with extensive knowledge in community outreach and fundraising, is no stranger to diaspora Liberian political management.

“As a servant-leader, Mr. Yar-Toe is a tested community organizer and political fundraiser.  He has established a legacy of working with people of diverse backgrounds and political persuasions. As the Outreach Liaison, he will work closely with the entire ANC team, both in Liberia and the diaspora, and Liberians in the Diaspora, to help develop and execute overall political and fundraising strategies,” the ANC release stated.

Continuing, the release furthered that Mr. Yar-Toe’s professional work and political activism have, over the years, enabled him to develop an adept understanding of the political and community needs of Liberians, both at home and in the diaspora.

“Most recently, Mr. Yar-Toe distinguished himself from the pact of other political managers by organizing and leading the “Friends of Dillon” Diaspora Campaign that twice out-strategized, out-fundraised, and ultimately defeated the ruling Congress for Democratic Change political machinery in Montserrado County. We are certain that Mr. Yar-Toe will make a good addition to our team and help move us to the next level,” the ANC said.

Meanwhile, the ANC has also announced the appointment of the Reverend Dr. Jim Holley as a Senior Advisor on African American Affairs.

Reverend Dr. Holley, the ANC noted, is not only a compassionate pastor, distinguished scholar, and successful entrepreneur, but is one of the most sought-after pastors and entrepreneurs for his opinions, advice, and counseling in the areas of community, civic, and urban economic development.

“For over forty (40) years, he has been the go-to person for community affairs in the state of Michigan. He has helped shape the economic and political landscape of Urban Michigan, particularly Detroit and Southeastern Michigan.

“As the pivotal work of rebuilding Liberia begins in earnest now, we will lean on Dr. Holley for advice as we strive to encourage the involvement of the potent African American business establishment in the development of Liberia,” the ANC stated.

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