UP Consultative Assembly Strengthens Party -As Party, CPP, Others Brainstorm

Critics of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) who had hoped for a complete disintegration of Liberia’s biggest opposition bloc due to the recent internal wrangling from within the constituent Liberty Party (LP) which threatened to affect the existence and sanity of the CPP, were rudely awakened over the weekend when the CPP constituent leaderships of Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai  of the Unity Party, Alexander Cummings of the Alternative National Congress and Benoni Urey of the All Liberian Party, as well as 40 members of the Unity Party converged during the UP National Consultative Assembly to discuss ways and means of strengthening individual political parties, especially the Unity Party, and as well as to bolster the chances of the CPP attaining state power in 2023.

According to UP inside sources, the UP Chair Amin Modad had invited Dr. Togba-Nah Tipoteh to address the National Consultative Assembly of their National Executive Council of the Unity Party as a Statesperson.

Dr. Tipoteh was said to have indicated, among other points that the most important societal action needed to be taken to move Liberia from poverty generation to poverty alleviation is the choice of good leaders.

Tipoteh reportedly stated that the only way of choosing good leaders is through a fair electoral system, noting that, as Liberia’s electoral system remains unfair, it has to be changed through the Rule of Law.

Immediately following the close-door deliberations, the Internet nearly crashed with photographs of the CPP leadership bundled together in a show of camaraderie, amidst a rave of positive commentaries about the coming together of the CPP constituent leaderships, which was a far cry from the recent rancor and vitriolic diatribe issuing from constituent CPP party members, caused mainly by internal rifts within the opposition Liberty Party.

According to a CPP insider who confided with The Analyst, the UP Consultative Assembly was also geared towards sending a strong signal to respective CPP constituent members to tone down their rhetoric in the interest of the party.

Colossal Public Reaction

The UP Consultative Assembly meeting that brought together the leadership of the CPP, and the attendant aura of camaraderie elicited by the positive optics, seemed to have generated a general  consensus that the CPP is moving in the right direction to consolidate its forces and capture state power in 2023.

According to Mr. David Dennis of Central Monrovia, “At this moment, the CDC camp is shaking because it seems that their prayers will not work.”

“This is what we want to see happening. We all believe in the CPP. But when they continue fighting amongst themselves, the voters will be confused and will support the devil that we know,” says Montgomery Wesseh of Point 4.

“We don’t care who becomes head of the CPP ticket, let them just don’t wash our dirty clothes for the CDC people to see. When we were together, we gave CDC pressure in Montserrado, Cape Mount, Bong and other counties in 2020; but we will lose 2023 if we keep fighting,” says classroom teacher Maima Jaleiba of Caldwell.

The statement from strong CPP supporter and sympathizer Maima Jalieba testifies to the formidable performance of the CPP during the 2020 midterm senatorial elections when the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) party was dislodged from its biggest Montserrado County stronghold by a seemingly penniless contender, Senator Abraham Darius Dillon, by a massive margin. In that election, President Weah had called on his entire cabinet to marshal state resources and ensure that Mr. Dillon did not retain his senatorial seat.

“We won Montserrado and other counties as CPP because we were together. But when we fight, the enemy of the people will always triumph, as we lost in Nimba in 2020 and almost lost in Gbarpolu,” says Madam Jaleiba.

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