A Servant Leader Answers Duty’s Call      - Prof. Tarpeh Takes Over EPA, Will Allow Technicians Do Their Work

For someone who once served as Finance Minister of the Republic of Liberia, and later as Commerce Minister under President George M. Weah, after having served as the campaign manager that led the Coalition for Democratic Change to its 2017 presidential victory, many pundits did not believe that Profession Wilson K. Tarpeh would have agreed to take on the seemingly lowly post of Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency, an assignment he has no qualification for, and which technically seems a downgrade to his sterling public service resume.

But in the midst of the mixed feelings from the public about his latest nomination, Professor Tarpeh on Monday, October 5, 2020 officially took over the affairs of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), days after his nomination as Executive Director of the agency by President George M. Weah, in a move that proves the former Commerce Minister is the ultimate servant leader who answers the call of duty whenever the gong sounds.

Speaking at a senior management meeting following a brief turning over ceremony, Prof. Tarpeh assured that technicians and scientists working at the EPA would be allowed to discharge their duties without interference.

Prof. Tarpeh said although he has a background in finance, he is of the conviction that technical entities like the EPA are easy to manage if you allow the technicians to do their work.

He promised to use his over 35 years of experience both in the public and private sector to enhance the operation of the EPA.

Prof. Tarpeh enjoined employees of the EPA to be committed and dedicated to their jobs.

“Let’s work as a team. Forget politics. Leave the politics with me,” he told the employees.

Prof. Tarpeh cautioned the employees against disrespecting each other and requested employees who have issues to contact him first before seeking outside help.

He warned against gossip and said anyone coming to him with gossip will have to provide evidence because “it destroys institution”.

“Gossip is wrong. It’s dangerous and people who promote it lack self-confidence,” Prof. Tarpeh said.

Prof. Tarpeh lauded Deputy Executive Director Randall M. Dobayou for managing the affairs of the entity and promised to improve the welfare of staff.

Prior to Prof. Tarpeh’s statement, Mr. Dobayou welcomed the entity’s new boss and thanked the staff of EPA who worked with him to ensure the smooth running of the entity while the president was looking for a new executive director.

He admonished the staff against engaging in politics and said they don’t have authority over who becomes head of the EPA.

Mr. Dobayou lauded President Weah for the confidence reposed in him to act as executive director of the EPA.

He promised to work with Prof. Tarpeh for the smooth running of the EPA and recalled that he and the professor have come a long way.

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