‘Work with Govt to Peacefully Relocate’ -Min. McGill Urges Red Light Marketers to Move to Omega

MONROVIA: The Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel F. McGill, has called on the marketers of Paynesville Red Light to work with the government of Liberia to relocate to the newly constructed Omega Market.

Making the plea Wednesday during a press briefing at the Foreign Ministry, Minster McGill said government does not intend to use force to move its citizens from Red Light.

“The president has directed us to inform our people to please leave the Red Light Market. Therefore, we don’t want to use force, we are giving our citizens an opportunity so that we can engage jointly to make sure in the next couple of weeks our citizens who are currently selling at Red Light will leave and go to Omega Market. The Government has spent a lot of money trying to improve Omega.

“We have therefore set up a committee to engage with the Red Light Market. Those to attend the meeting at Paynesville City Hall Friday 11 am include the Minister of Justice, Internal Affairs, DG of GSA, Paynesville City Mayor, Monrovia City Mayor, Minister of Public Works, the Leadership of the Liberia Marketing Association, leadership of the Red Light Market, the leadership of Omega Market, and the Director of Police,” Minister McGill noted.

He said today’s meeting is intended to give “our people an opportunity to work along with the government so they can return to the Omega Market”.

“The President, because he loves his people, doesn’t want to use force. We are therefore appealing to our people to work with the government to make sure we work together,” Minister McGill averred.

Regarding the ongoing Bicentennial celebrations, the soft-spoken Minister of State encouraged all Liberians to join this historic event.

“As we celebrate the Bicentennial, we are encouraging all Liberians irrespective of political and other affiliations, to join the government in the celebrations. Liberians have been encouraged to use our national symbol, which is the red, white and blue. The program starts at 8am,” Minister McGill intoned.

Responding, the Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee affirmed that the government of Liberia will ensure the enforcement of the successful relocation of marketers from Red Light to Omega.

“Their convergence is chaotic and the epitome of disorderliness. So anyone who is attempting to ensure that this place will be lawless, we will not hesitate to ensure that the law will be deployed effectively,” stated Major Koijee emphatically.

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