GOL, LTMI To Sign MOU -To Regulate the Traffic System

By: Stephen G. Fellajuah

A traffic regulating memorandum of understanding between the Government of Liberia and the Liberia Traffic Management Incorporated (LTMI), is expected to sign very soon after the initial ceremony which should have taken place on Friday, January 28, 2022 was postponed to a later date..

However, information available to The Analyst has it that the MOU when signed between the two parties will make Liberia one of the newest countries to benefit from a unique Traffic Management Partnership  that will improved the traffic regulatory system, build the capacity of 500 Liberia National police (LNP) staff and  provide  over 1, 200 jobs for Liberians.

According to the partnership documents, the LNP shall provide manpower and Technical  Law Enforcement  expertise and  shall  conduct road  safety  awareness , support traffic management  and  road  safety  program across the country, while  the LTMI shall per the requirements of the Concession Agreement provide the  Liberia  National Police uniforms and  capacity  building, (training  and manpower development, logistics vehicles  and others equipment.).

It further stated that the LTMI shall support the LNP through financial resources to implement its road safety program in the country. Consistent with LTMI approved Development Plan, it shall have drivers’ testing centers  in the  fifteen (15) counties  of Liberia. “Accordingly, LTMI shall ensure  that  no later  than  sixty ( 60) day’s  Transport  and  Techno  brand  Global  FZE for  driver licenses ,which  may  be  either  the expiry  of the  contract term  or  the issuance of 500,00 driver Licenses ,or termination  for  any  other  reason  as provide  for therein the  service  shall  be automatically  integrated  into  the agreement”, part of the MOU said..

It added that the LTMI shall ensure  the  development  of a web-based  application that facilities the  Management  of traffic  tickets  issued by the Liberia National Police pursuant  to section  12 of the Vehicle  and  Traffic  Law  of  Liberia  including  for the  issuance,  payment,  tracking of traffic violations and the  calculation and management  of  demerit  points  accumulated against  an offerdener  driver  License  pursuant  to the  Vehicle  and  Traffic  Law.

“The LTMI among other things shall ensure the installation and management of a city parking system including installation of parking meters. And the parties will be open, honest, cooperative and responsible to each other, respecting each other’s functions and roles as well as assisting and supporting each other whenever possible”, the partnership document further stated.

The LTMI is a public-private partnership module working in over 50 countries around the world. LTMI is responsible for the management of traffic vehicles while enforcement of traffic regulations will be done by the Liberia National Police.

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