What CPP Government Will Do Differently -Cummings Shows the Way

MONROVIA : The Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander Cummings, has vowed to do things differently when elected President, by prioritizing Liberians’ interest and making them primary beneficiaries of the country’s economy and resources.

Cummings said, while foreigners’ participation is absolutely important, a CPP Government will enforce the Liberianization policy and ensure adequate funding for Liberians to disproportionately benefit from the country’s economy and government procurement of goods and services.

Cummings said resuscitating the ailing economy and creating a vibrant private sector for massive job opportunities, will be top priority, when elected President of Liberia, come October 10.

He said the CPP administration has earmarked U$20 million as an Empowerment Fund for market women, farmers, youth businesses and persons with disabilities, to sustain and grow their businesses. The CPP Standard Bearer reaffirmed his commitment to Liberians, in an interview with Joy TV, on Tuesday, August 1, 2023.

Cummings said both national and international resource mobilization are key to addressing critical needs including restoring civil servants’ salaries cut by the government, and revamping the health and educational sectors. He said all of this requires urgent government actions to bring relief to the suffering masses.

He said the CPP Government will ensure Liberia reaps the full value and benefits of its natural resources including gold and diamond, without necessarily aborting any concessionaire agreements, and will expand the tax base, unlike the current case, where only few people are paying taxes.

The CPP Standard Bearer reaffirmed his zero tolerance for corruption and that monies saved from corruption, will be redeployed to address critical needs of the Liberian people.

Cummings vowed to create a conducive lawful environment, with a strong, independent and trusted Judicial and criminal justice systems that Liberians will feel safe and as well attract badly needed foreign investments.

He said a CPP administration will urgently address the issues of sanitation, ridding Monrovia of garbage, restore law and order in the traffic, and a robust enforcement of the law, that will make citizens feel safe and secure.

On the question of making Mr. George Weah a one term President, Mr. Cummings said Weah’s administration’s poor performance, characterized by high unemployment, lack of foreign investments due to growing insecurity and corruption, rising crimes, widespread suffering and extreme poverty, have turned vast majority of Liberians against a second term for the ruling CDC Government.

Cummings said the six years rule of President Weah has reversed all the gains of his predecessor, leading to a breakdown in law and order, hospitals are without drugs, schools in the worst of conditions, and that nine out of every 10 Liberians will tell you they are worse off, economically.

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