“We Agree” -JNB Says -Urges Partisans, Supporters to Run a Violence-Free Campaign

MONROVIA : The opposition Unity Party (UP), represented by their flagbearer Joseph Nyuma Boakai, says the launch of their political campaign on Saturday, August 5, 2023 demonstrates a significant occasion filled with hope and determination, exemplified by their campaign which started with an impressive street to street, community to community outreach across the country, devoid of violence and vitriol largely due to the tenacity and strategic approach developed by the UP National Campaign Team. He further called on all UP Alliance supporters, well-wishers and sympathizers to keep the campaign clean, void of any attitude that will create violence.

“We must, at all times, avoid the temptation of engaging in violence no matter what. As our supporters have already developed the slogan “We Agree”, let us agree to every dirt that will be thrown at us in the interest of peace and stability of our country,” Ambassador Boakai said.

Making the statement yesterday Sunday, Ambassador Boakai said the overriding objective of their campaign mission is to ensure that incumbent CDC Standard Bearer George Manneh Weah is democratically replaced so as to put an end to widespread corruption, unexplained mysterious deaths, economic and social degradation of our people and incompetence that has plagued our nation.

“Together, we must join hands to rebuild our beloved Liberia, and restore good governance, transparency, and accountability. Our aspirations go beyond mere ambitions; they reflect a profound commitment to the welfare of every Liberian. Our vision is one of inclusiveness, where opportunities and prosperity are accessible to all, regardless of their background or origin.

“To achieve this vision, we pledge to foster trust and cooperation between the government and its people. We understand that a strong democracy thrives on the unwavering trust between citizens and their leaders. Therefore, we will work tirelessly to restore that trust by creating avenues for open dialogue and engagement, ensuring your voices are heard, and your concerns addressed.

“We will vehemently work to curtail vices including corruption, marginalization, and injustice, which are all enemies of progress. To combat these menaces, we will implement robust measures, ensuring that public trust is once again restored in our governance system. Our fight against corruption will be impartial and will start on the very first day of our governance,” Ambassador Boakai intoned.

He furthered that a “JNB government” will ensure that public funds are used for essential services such as education, healthcare, and infrastructure, uplifting the lives of all Liberians and alleviating poverty.

“Education will be a cornerstone of our commitment to empowerment. We firmly believe that providing knowledge and skills to our youth is key to unlocking Liberia’s true potential. A well-educated populace forms the foundation of progress and prosperity.

“Our healthcare system will also receive the attention it deserves. We are dedicated to ensuring that quality medical services are accessible to every Liberian, leaving no one behind in their pursuit of a healthy and fulfilling life. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) will be the cornerstone of our public health program.

“We are aware that the journey to transformation cannot be embarked upon alone. We urge each Liberian to actively participate in the democratic process, stay informed, and vote wisely. Through collective engagements, we will steer Liberia towards the brighter future it deserves. Our country deserves better than it is getting.

“As Standard Bearer of the Unity Party, I humbly accept the challenges before us. With utmost integrity, I pledge to serve you, the people of Liberia, and work tirelessly to build a nation we can all be proud of. Together, we will cast aside the shadows of corruption and incompetence, guided by the values of unity, progress, and hope. Let us overcome the hurdles ahead, transforming Liberia into a beacon of democracy and prosperity in Africa,” Ambassador Boakai stated.

Meanwhile, on the eve of the launch of the 2023 campaign by the National Elections Commission (NEC), the Standard Bearer of the opposition Unity Party (UP), former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, has called on all Liberians to remain law-abiding as the nation goes through this crucial campaign period, equally eschewing all acts that bear the potential of undermining the electoral process. JNB, as Ambassador is popularly referred to, also urged the electoral body to keep the peace by ensuring a free, fair, credible and transparent electoral process.

“We call on the ruling establishment not to engage in acts that will provoke the opposition as we strive to remain strictly within the parameters of the Farmington Agreement. We also call on our citizens not to be bought with money as this election is about the future of our children and country. Let us all resist any attempt by detractors to hoodwink us into surrendering our voting cards in order to rob us of our choice,” Ambassador Boakai said.

The October 10, 2023 General and Presidential elections, the Unity Party Standard Bearer said, is profoundly crucial as it exudes a defining moment placing upon the shoulders of all Liberians the onus of solidifying the peace and stability of the country, as such the process must be guided by rule of law, transparency and credibility.

“Loud and clear calls abound from our international partners, civil society organizations, ECOWAS, AU and the United Nations for a credible, peaceful and transparent elections, the outcome of which must be the indisputable mandate of the Liberian electorate.

“While we welcome incessant calls on our citizens to remain peaceful and law abiding during this process, we find the need to sound the caveat that the greatest responsibility of maintaining the peace in Liberia at this juncture rests squarely on the shoulders of our electoral body, the National Election Commission.

“The NEC must go the extra mile to ensure the conduct of free, fair, transparent and credible elections, by enforcing all relevant laws guiding the process, especially during the campaign period. It must utilize the muscle given it by the Elections Law to track and catch violators in their tracts and bring them to justice as provided for under the Law.

“Every constituent organ of the National Election Commission needs to remain conscious of the nationally damaging consequences of the Institution allowing itself to be compromised by manipulation and inducement.

“Our not-too-distant history gives us a clear lesson in what results from actions and omissions that undermine the process which serve only to threaten the peace and stability of the country.

“Impetus to electoral violence is often borne out of the deliberate failure of electoral bodies to adhere to their own rules and regulations as well as the Constitution.

“It is in view of this backdrop that I am calling on the National Election Commission to avoid acts that could undermine the electoral process which inevitably will erode the hard-earned peace of our country.

Further, we call on all our citizens to remain law-abiding as we go through this campaign period, equally eschewing all acts that bear the potential of undermining the electoral process.

“Lastly, fellow Liberians, let us be guided and reminded that when the 1985 elections were rigged by the Special Elections Commission, headed by Mr. Emmett Harmon, in favor of the then ruling Military Regime, that action later careened our nation into a protracted civil war, snatching away the precious lives of over two hundred and fifty thousand of our citizens. Even those who dared to help rescue us from ourselves paid a heavy price. Forces of the ECOWAS peacekeeping group, ECOMOG, were killed, with the international community spending over billions of United States dollars to restore Liberia.

“My appeal to all of us as a people therefore is for us to do the right thing in order to save Liberia from further degenerating into hardship.

“With ECOWAS currently experiencing crisis in some member States and other international partners wary of the burden of involvement in internal national crisis, I can only urge, in the strongest possible terms, that we be exemplary in our respect for the rule of law, our patriotism, discipline, and tolerance so as not to add to the already worsening situation in the region. I thank you and have a peaceful campaign,” Ambassador Boakai intoned.

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  1. KOKULO S. JONES says

    Why it’s true that we agree doesn’t mean that we should agree to every behavior that will undermine our hard earned peas. If the NEC allows itself to be compromised or induced in order for the thd ruling establishment to rage this election, then “WE WILL NOT AGREE”!!!

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