VP Taylor Descends On Education Authorities-Blames Societal Problems on Sector Stakeholders

Vice President of Liberia, Chief Dr. Jewel Howard Taylor, has descended on the educational system of the Country for the growing wave of societal ills. VP Taylor alleged that educational stakeholders in the Country have, over the years, failed to impart good moral values of patriotism into the young people; from Gbarnga Bong County, the Analyst’s Patrick Tokpah reports.

  The Vice President said the Ministry of Education and stakeholders have cardinal responsibilities to provide the platforms for the creation of a new and holistic people-driven discourse that seeks to solidify schooling kids in Liberia, on ground that children spend more time at school than with their parents.

VP Taylor Spoke at the 61st graduation and closing exercises of the Dolokelen Gboveh High School in Gbarnga, Bong County on August 30, 2019.  The tough-talking vice president underscored the need for stakeholders in the educational sector to be reawaked by the indiscipline and lack of morals and patriotism in the society.

She indicated that stakeholders including the Ministry of Education and school authorities should revisit the days of old days where moral values and patriotism were the hallmarks of the Liberian school curriculum, adding that this should be done to reinstate discipline, integrity, hard work, brilliance and fair competition, because these were the pillars that my generation was privileged to learn.”

Moreover, Vice President Taylor said if educational stakeholders cannot begin to deal with these issue, Liberia will not move forward because the same future leaders who are supposed to move the country forward are the ones that are engaged in acts of indiscipline and unprepared to take the mantle of future leadership.

Additionally, VP Taylor said except stakeholders in the sector instill discipline, Liberia will not have a better generation in the future.

“Today you have begun a journey that is a necessary step towards national governance; be admonished that whatever is achieved here should be transformed into tangible and worthy careers that will have a significant impact on your communities and country at large, and not one that would be a replica of what is seen in various streets corners and haitaiyee centers,” she stressed.

Besides, Vice President Taylor provided 15 thousand Liberian Dollars to the dux of the school, Samuel K. W. Quity and the second dux ten thousand Liberian Dollars. The school graduated five hundred and fifty-eight students in the County.

In another development, VP Taylor also lashes out at church leaders who, she said, are hailing corrupt leaders in the Country. She said it is very scandalous for religious leaders to honor people who are looting state coffers.

“Those days if you were cut in corruption web, you were put at the back bench of the church; but churches are no longer doing that because everything is money,” VP Taylor concluded.

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