Taa Wongbe Rips Cummings Statement -Claims former Boss Sacrificed him for CPP Standard Bearership; But…

Following the ANC political leader’s walkout of a strategic CPP meeting last week and his subsequent refusal to attend a Unity Party endorsement program in favor of their political leader Joseph Nyuma Boakai to run on the CPP ticket as standard bearer during their upcoming primary processes, Mr. Cummings came out to clearly and justified his actions, stating in no uncertain terms that the opposition bloc should live the real change mantra and not copycat the ruling CDC that has let the people down. But in sharp reaction to Mr. Cummings’ Monday press conference, his former ally and confidant is now picking serious bones with his former boss, exposing what he sees as duplicity on the part of Mr. Cummings in his call for real change in the opposition camp and the entire country, but failing to live up to expectation during the trying times of the 2020 midterm senatorial race when he (Taa Wongbe) and his supporters were allegedly disenfranchised in Nimba County, yet his boss Cummings turned a blind eye to his plight.

Making his position known Monday in an uncharacteristic social media post, Mr. Taa Wongbe, who has long since distanced himself from his former boss Cummings and the Alternative National Congress (ANC), went ballistic by asking Cummings why didn’t he speak up and demand that the rules were followed during the 2020 Sanniquellie fracas that saw Edith Gongloe-Weh winning the CPP ticket.

Taa started off by first commending the man he once considered his mentor and big brother.

“Big brother ABC, great press conference! I agree that breaking laws has consequences and that we must be the change today if we want to be the change tomorrow. I also agree that change must begin with us and that it is not enough that we criticize the government. Those are beautiful words,” Mr. Wongbe stated.

Continuing, Taa however conjectured: “I have a question; when the CPP broke the FA while I was running and the National Election Commission (NEC) and CPP’s independent investigative panel called the primary in Nimba fraudulent, why didn’t speak up and demand that the rules are followed? Why didn’t you act as head of the CPP then? Is it because it wasn’t happening to you? Why now? Is it that you were promised the CPP Standard Bearer position if you let Nimba go? Is it the first time the CPP FA has been broken or is it simply because you didn’t care that it was not happening to you? Are you saying mistakes were made and you are trying to correct them now? Senior brother, you have a lot of questions to answer, sir…lots! We insah!” Taa Wongbe stated mystically.

Public Reactions

Mouna Farhat is a confidant of the ANC political leader, and she and Taa Wongbe once gelled exceedingly in their respective roles of promoting the agenda of seeing Mr. Cummings becoming the next president after President George M. Weah’s first team in 2023. But Mouna is definitely not pleased with the complete 360-degree U-turn that Taa is taking lately, so she has unshackled her claws at her former ally.

“Your best friend Abe Darius Dillon who sold you out and acted bobo when Edith Gongloe came in the picture after we agreed that you were going to represent the CPP in Nimba, (after supporting his bid for Montserrado county) you’re not asking questions, but you want to put your mouth on Mr. Cummings?” Ms Farhat wonders in a social media post, in response to Taa Wongbe’s biting comments against his former boss.

As for Florence Mardea Wesseh, she believes strongly that Mr. Taa Wongbe is the one who is selfish. “He refused to listen and let Edith go on the CPP ticket. He wanted to prove that he too has power.”

James F. Kollie is a former Minister of government who served at the highest echelons during the former Ellen Johnson Sirleaf administration and the current CDC regime. But Kollie believes that the truth-telling path that Taa Wongbe has chosen is not good for himself and the CPP, but the entire country.

“Very profound questions and I think you and the public deserve answers. And when you get those answers, you can still question those answers,” Mr. Kollie intimated stoically.

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