“Step Down Now” -Gulf Residents Tell Community Chairman

By: Rancy S. Teewia 

Some residents of the Chicken Factory Gulf Community under the aegis of the Alliance to Redeem Chicken Soup Factory Gulf Community have called for the immediate resignation of the Acting Chairman of the Community, Samuel Morgan for various reasons such as neglect of the community, gross incompetence and failure to reconcile and unite the community.

According to a press statement issued by the group and read by Abraham Swen, its leader, on Sunday, November 21, 2021, in District #12, Gardnersville, the group said since Morgan’s ascendency in 2009 as Acting Chairman, he has failed to put in place a leadership structure and deliberately abandoned the community without any leadership to oversee the day to day activities of the community thereby denying the residents any authority to refer to in case of dispute or unforeseen circumstances. The group maintained that Morgan, who was selected by elders and some members in the community to act in an interim position for 3 months, ended being in the position for 16 years and betraying the trust of the people.

“Whereas, since his ascendency as Acting Chairman he has promised which time in memorial to take the community to democracy process but has failed , coupled with other things his incompetence to adequately discharge his official function as it relates to the proposal made by the special mediating team that Acting Chairman Morgan must complete the constitution and conduct election in June of 2021, something he, acting Chairman agreed to do since March of this year but due to his inability manage the affairs of the community that is yet to be achieved.

“Failure to hold regular community block meetings, he has not been having regular meetings within the four blocks of the community. He has shown no regard for the people of the community as well as being completely inaccessible and invisible as an acting Chairman of the community”, the group said.

The group leader insinuated that since Mr. Morgan ascendancy the community dwellers have documented several counts against his leadership and he has been seen in the community from Monday to Saturday, as such, he has abandoned the task given him as community chairman.

He alluded that the Acting Chairman conflict-driven interest against other community based organizations, is something that is counterproductive to the growth and development of the community. He added that the Acting Chairman who is an employee of the Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI) in Bomi County is in the constant habit of dividing members of the community noting that such behavior places a dark cloud over the community.

“This leadership is counterproductive, because of this man’s corrupt behavior Sethi Brothers Steel Factory refused to pave our road from LPRC to the chicken factory gulf community. See how bad our road is, and this man took people from other communities and gave them jobs at the steel factory while people here don’t have a job to live on. Our community is dark; the Acting Chairman doesn’t care to call meetings so that we will be able to engage LEC to get light in our Community,” the group leader added during a question and answer period.

Meanwhile the dwellers are calling on the district lawmaker, commissioner, district superintendent, and the Ministry of Justice to caution Mr.  Morgan to resign or stay away from their community affairs, noting that any attempt by him to exercise function as chairman of the community, he will be victimized.

“We have already organized a team monitoring him. If we see anything like meeting or carrying out activities that have to do with our community affairs we will move on him, and the government should warn him because our community needs development. This Man has suffered us for 16 good years,” the residents said.

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