Speaker  Chambers makes case to boost Trade and Tourism  with UK -As He Extols UK-Liberia relations

MONROVIA – The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dr. Bhofal Chambers has stressed the importance of trade and tourism  in solidifying ties with the United Kingdom.

According to a dispatch from Albert Jaja, Minister Counselor for Press and Public Affairs, Embassy of Liberia in London, Speaker  Chambers was a guest at the House of Common, during the weekly Prime Minister Question Time  , with outgoing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, delivering a farewell address to Parliament in the weekly engagement .

Legislators from the lower House had visited the Westminster Parliament – while a delegation from the House of Commons had also visited Capitol Hill in Monrovia exchanging thoughts about the common interest of both countries.

The House Speaker indicated that such experience sharing reflects the crucial role of the legislature towards strengthening democratic governance.

Speaking at the Embassy of Liberia, where he held discussions with members of the House of Lords, he noted that improving trade and tourism remain priority areas that also present avenues for sharing opportunities.

He commended LORD and Lady SHEIKH for leveraging their strategic roles, towards advancing UK -Liberia interests with engagement at varying levels, indicating that Liberia’s natural resource base also includes its tourism potential with promising economic prospects.

Speaker Chambers commended the United Kingdom, for its continued support for Liberia’s democratic governance and national development efforts.

Speaking earlier LORD SHEIKH recounted the important role of trade and promoting the blue economy -as well as tourism potential of Liberia. He  expressed his commitment to collaborate with the London mission and other state authorities to gather further insights into Liberia’s   investment prospects; eventually leading towards a trade mission to Liberia.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives earlier held discussions with officers and staff of the Embassy of Liberia- as well as the officials of Liberia’s Mission to the International Maritime Organizations.

Liberia’s Ambassador to London, H.E Gurly Gibson Schwarz- welcomed the Speaker and indicated the collaborative efforts with which the team continues work in advancing Liberia’s interests.

The Speaker lauded the London diplomatic Mission and the team at the IMO for the quality representation as Liberia strives to make its case-  advancing the interest of its people in every sphere of Life.

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