Senator Johnson Frowns On Boakai for War Crimes Court -Vows To Resist, Says Ex-Generals Are Consulting

By Melvin Jackson

MONROVIA: Nimba county senator Prince Johnson said the establishment of the war and economic crimes court has the propensity to reawaken the country’s darkest days.

The Nimba County Senator said he is not worry about the establishment of the court but said it will have negative implication; and added that they, as former generals from Nimba and other parts of the country, will straightly react to the court’s establishment through the legal system.

“Though I am the one, who on many occasions have been mention, but let me safely say to you that there are other generals that are currently holding consultative meetings against the court’s establishment.” Senator Johnson said.

The Senator was speaking Tuesday Via telephone on the Truth breakfast show in Monrovia.

He blame Allen White for been the mastermind behind the conversation leading to the establishment of the court, and noted that  Allen  is not a United States official  but rather someone who is moving from one country to another soliciting money to create conflict in poor African countries like Liberia.

The Nimba County Senator, a leader of the defunct Independent national Patriotic Front of Liberia (INPFL), however verge his anger on president Joseph Boakai, for finding pride  in the establishment of the court to go after him, months after he gave him electoral victory.

“Nimba County has several generals who have moved on with their lives, so if you think you can go after them with your war crime court business they will resist every actions from you,” Senator Johnson added.

According to him, the Boakai regime has received some $300 million some of which they are giving under cover to lawmakers to sign the resolution for the court establishment.

“You give us more position as (Nimbians) or not, you sign your war crimes court or not, I support the Boakai regime,” he said, but added “Boakai’s act of wanting to impose the court’s establishment on the country through the holding of secret meetings is unnecessary,” Senator Johnson noted

The former warlord turned politician disclosed that he will not be the only person that the economic crimes court will entrap, as he name former president George Weah, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and others who will also found part of it.

He further said, that even though he supported the Unity Party led government, he has not been consulted on some workings and plans of the government that he brought to power.

“Boakai has refuse to even pick my calls because of his connection with the Allen White group, so we are watching; and I don’t want to get Vice President Jeremiah Koung into this entire saga that involves the President and I” he noted.

Dr. White has been a champion for the establishment of a war and economic crimes Court for Liberia and ending of impunity for perpetrators of heinous crimes during the Liberian civil war, which destroyed properties worth billions of dollars and claimed the lives of about 250,000 persons.

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