Scarcity of Leadership in Liberia -Senatorial Candidate Kouyate Claims

In the wake of the mysterious death of two staff of the Liberia Revenue Authority, President George M. Weah last week requested the Government of the United States of America to assist with investigations that would establish the cause of the death of the two government employees. While many have hailed the President’s request as being in good faith, Montserrado County independent senatorial candidate, Sheikh Al-moustafah Kouyateh, says President Weah calling for assistance from the Ambassador of the United States of America to Liberia shows that the Liberian government is gradually losing its grip on leadership.

Appearing on a local talk show Wednesday, October 15, 2020, Mr. Kouyateh said Liberia is gradually moving towards stewardship, where the country is losing its sovereignty. “When you listen to the head of state, who is the president of our country, referring to another country’s ambassador, not even their president, to investigate matters that must be investigated by this government, that is a sign that there is a leadership vacuum,” Mr. Kouyateh charged.

He said the people of Liberia overwhelmingly elected President Weah at the ballot box. “He was not elected at the ballot box with the ambassador of America. President Weah has the responsibility to protect the image of this country. He must do that, and we will demand him to do that,” the senatorial aspirant cautioned, stating that although he supported the election of President Weah in 2017, he will never hesitate to point out the errant ways of his administration.

He said the nature of the death of the four young Liberians is a serious cause for concern that has shocked the entire nation, but it appears as if President Weah is insensitive to the issues at bay.

“Yesterday, I watched the president when he went to break ground for a market in Duala and he was dancing, I was wondering, has our president turned into a break dancer again? When he was an athlete, he could dance that way. But as president of the Republic of Liberia, he represents the image of this country. Whatever he does represents our country; whatever he says represents our country. Imagine if a government official can die mysteriously, what about common people? The citizens are getting afraid now,” Mr. Kouyateh further lamented.

The outspoken senatorial candidate then called on President Weah to immediately withdraw his call for assistance to the US government, saying it is the responsibility of the Liberian government to launch such an investigation in a transparent manner that will allay the fears of the citizenry.

“President Weah should withdraw his statement calling on the US government to investigate the death. Let him extend an invitation to the AU, ECOWAS. Let Africa resolve its own problems. We invited the US government to investigate the LD60 billion case. It was investigated and established that over LD2 billion was injected into that amount by then Governor Weeks and his deputy. After the court proceedings they won the case,” Kouyateh stated.

Regarding his quest for the Montserrado County senate seat, Mr. Kouyateh said he considers himself the best choice, given the fact that the voters are conflicted in voting for the ruling party or the opposition, evidenced by the spiraling violence that occasioned endorsement and petition rallies of the two sides.

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