Salvation Army Pledges More Investments to Liberia -Ends 35th Anniversary Celebration Of Existence In Liberia

MONROVIA: The Salvation Army William Compound situated on the Pipeline Road in Paynesville, Montserrado County, was a colorful scene when several hundreds of Salvationists from across the fifteen counties of Liberia, including Sierra Leone and Guinea converged for the 35th year of celebration of the organization’s existence in Liberia.

Speaking to reporters at the celebration in Paynesville, the Territorial Commander of the Salvation Army Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, Lieutenant Colonel Luka Khayumbi disclosed that the organization stands ready to invest in the education and the health sectors while spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ on earth.

Lt. Col. Khayumbi noted that the Salvation Army has been investing into the educational and health sectors with schools and clinics that are responding to the education and healthcare needs of the people of Liberia in several parts of the country.

He added that they will do all they can to buttress the government’s efforts in the educational and the health sectors; noting that these sectors need more attention in the reconstruction process of Liberia.

The Salvation Army Head of Mission also stressed that the institution is interested in helping the needy; something he said is part of the workings of the Salvation Army which says hands to man and hearts to God.

He used the occasion to praise the government of Liberia for the many assistance the organization has received in every aspect of life and the free movement of the organization in all parts of the Liberian society without any intimidations.

Salvation Army’s Territorial Commander also challenged Salvationists and Liberians at large to unite for the common good of the organization, which according to him, if done, will also help in the national healing process.

At the same time, the Territorial President for women’s Ministries Lieut Colonel Rasoa  Khayumbi told reporters that she enjoys working with women from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea Territory.

According to her when she came to the Liberia Mission, the women she met yesterday are not the same women today, adding that transformation has taken place, and stressed that women from the three countries are always sharing their experiences for the common good of the organization.

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