P4DP Ends Workshop -On Women’s Political Participation

MONROVIA – The Platform for Dialogue and Peace (P4DP) has ended one day workshop on women’s advancement and political participation in governance under the project dubbed Platform for Women Empowerment and  Next Level (PLA4WOENEL ).. The workshop, held in Monrovia on Friday, November 18, 2022, was attended by several male political leaders and youth selected

from registered political parties and local civil society organizations involved in social advocacy

for women.

Improving the socio-economic condition and political participation of marginalized women in

national decision-making processes require not only innovative thinking but forging partnership

across gender line. Liberia signed up to the UN SDGs principles of leaving no one behind but

women are left behind socially, economically and politically. Despite the existence of a national

action plan and the presence of various He for She initiatives, however being an effective

feminist or ally starts with self-awareness. Thus, workshop sought to provide an opportunity

for critical self-evaluation and also to enhance the knowledge of men in authority, particularly

on negative social, cultural and religious norms that tend to hinder women’s social, economic

and political advancement in Liberia. While the initial focus on the advancement of women has

often being exclusively on women as a separate group, it became evident during P4DP’s previous

Mobile4Women project that the involvement of men and boys can be an effective way to fight

discrimination and marginalization that women face.

Participants at the workshop considered various scenarios on issues that undermine women’s

empowerment and participation in diverse spheres of life. They said Liberia, faces the challenge

of effectively identifying and implementing strategies of empowering women in local and

national governance and decision-making capacities, outlining entrenched traditional norms,

cultural practices, limited education of women and institutional frameworks as factors that

have hindered gender equality in Liberia.

According to the participants, attempts by state and non state actors to mitigate these

inequities have been widely ineffective, stressing that efforts in Liberia, including civic

education, have not led to gender equality in national governance. They expressed the hope

that lessons learned and good practices generated from the project would contribute to scaling

up opportunities for women in the country.

The workshop which is part of capacity development initiatives of Platform for Women

Empowerment and Next Level is being funded by Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund

(WPHF) through the UN Women and implemented by P4DP. The goal of the project is to ensure

greater participation of women in local and national governance systems. To advance towards

this goal, the project seeks to enhance capacity and coordination of relevant stakeholder

institutions such as political parties, youth groups, traditional and religious leaders, and other

actors so as to widen public space for dialogue for women’s empowerment and participation.

Platform for Dialogue and Peace is a national Nongovernmental Organization (NGO) involved in

research and participatory action activities aimed at strengthening the capacities of State and

Non-State Actors to prevent, manage, and transform conflict through collaborative action.

Throughout the country, P4DP has worked with agencies of government, Development Partners

and communities to build customized local and national partnerships that meet the country and

increasing need for research, peacebuilding, social cohesion and development.

Platform for Dialogue and Peace is a Liberian Peacebuilding NGO involved in research and participatory action activities aimed at strengthening the capacities of state and non-state actors to prevent, manage and transform conflict through collaborative action.

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