Opposition Sees Lofa Election as Wake Up Call -ANC’s Yeakula Wants Opposition Coexist to Unseat Weah Govt.

MONROVIA – If there is any primary lesson gleaned from the just-ended Lofa County senatorial by-election that saw independent candidate Cllr. Joseph Jallah narrowly defeating his Unity Party candidate, it is the bitter taste of missed opportunity by an opposition camp which few months ago had the ruling establishment in an uncomfortable chokehold in their own Montserrado County stronghold, but failed to secure a victory in their impenetrable Lofa County fortress when the odds weighed heavily in their favor. Lamenting this missed opportunity is none other than the former Chief of Office Staff of Alternative National Congress (ANC) political leader Alexander Cummings, Attorney Moriah Yeakula, whose nagging post-election social media jibes at the Unity Party candidate’s loss seem to have exemplified just how deep-rooted the internal CPP division has affected the sanity of the opposition camp, is actually now contrite about the Lofa County loss which she feels could have been averted had the opposition camp approached Lofa as a united force.

According to Attorney Moriah Yeakula, the ruling party winning Lofa County through an independent candidate does not change the grave nature of the current state of Liberia, a condition that had compelled the four top-seeded opposition political parties to conglomerate under the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) ticket to unseat the ruling establishment in 2023.

“As members of the opposition, after all the teasing and rubbing salt in the wound of each other, the truth is, we need one another. I am not sure there’s going to be a “CPP reunion” holding all things constant but we must put our egos and sense of entitlement aside and find a way to coordinate opposition efforts. The CPP and the UP (and its allies) must remember that when two elephants fight, it’s the ground that suffers. We owe it to our people to give them hope again.

“And yes, one monkey can spoil the show. UP lost Lofa by less than 800 votes and ANC partisans “lil” votes could have taken UP over the hump as it did in 2020. So, let’s treat every opposition “monkey” as important and valuable. We, especially me, have rubbed it in enough and I hope UP gets the message; and we can all now move on.

“We have too many issues to fight together instead of fighting each other. This doesn’t mean we can’t criticize each other when necessary and we should, but let’s not forget the bigger picture- saving our people from the shackles of CDC and providing the necessary change to improve their lives. Even if we do not go back to status quo ante, we need to co-exist peacefully and let the Liberian people choose. Sending hugs and kisses to all my UP people,” a seemingly frustrated Yeakula remarked in a social media post yesterday.

Pundits see the comments from one of Mr. Cummings’ closest lieutenants as a clear and present signal that a reunion of the original CPP constituent members could not be far off the horizon, especially given the shock defeat of the Unity Party in Lofa, hot on the heels of the impending 2023 legislative and presidential elections.

“Thank you, Moriah Yeakula for this wise statement, even though it came a bit late but it’s better late than never. I highly appreciate you, and let me personally admonish you to help as one of the key figures in the opposition block to strive harder by playing a negotiating role between the leaders in the opposition. What we need now is “unity”, and to be united, we must go to status quo ante. Sincerely speaking, if we have to unseat the CDC government, we must be united and form a stronger coalition,” remarked Nat Mcdickson.

As for Gabriel Kuleh, the CPP fell prey to machinations by the ruling establishment, which caused the Liberian opposition camp to disintegrate.

“The government used her strategy in creating more bitterness for the coexistence of the CPP. As you said, you are not sure of the CPP reunion, which is unarguably the facts. This government did her all in playing mind games on us all and created more bitterness. If we can all take responsibility for the disintegration of the CPP, the better we will understand our missteps,” Mr. Kuleh cautioned.

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