Sen. Dillon Congratulates Lofa Citizens -Promises to work with Cllr. Jallah when inducted

MONROVIA – In the wake of the National Elections Commission (NEC) on Friday, July 1, 2022 officially declaring Independent Candidate Cllr. Joseph Jallah as winner of the June 28, 2022 Lofa County senatorial by-election with 22, 019 votes obtained over his main rival Galakpai Kortimai of the Unity Party who got 21,229 votes, Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon has thanked the people of Lofa County for orderly conducting themselves during the just-ended election, and for peacefully choosing their next leader. Senator Dillon also promised to work with senator-elect Jallah once his election is not credibly challenged.

According to the Senator, who formed part of former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai’s high-power entourage to support the Unity Party candidate in Lofa, election, the voters decided and there is a winner.

“The people of Lofa have voted and the official results are out. As fond lovers and believers of democracy, the will of the people must be respected, not thwarted. Victory is SWEET when we win, but the opposite when we lose. Maturity demands the loser to accept in strides and plan better for the future. Now that the National Elections Commission has announced the Final/Official results, and unless credibly challenged, we wish to thank the people of Lofa County for a largely, orderly conduct in deciding their choice, and hereby congratulate with best wishes Independent Candidate, Joseph Jallah as the eventual winner. When inducted, I look forward to working with my new Colleague in the Senate for the common good,” Senator Dillon stated emphatically.

The Montserrado County senator’s mercurial rise to fame was a result of his upstaging the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) from its stronghold in the 2019 senatorial by-election, a feat he repeated in 2020, to the chagrin of the ruling establishment that had long considered Montserrado County as its main stronghold.

Cllr. Jallah’s ascendancy to the Lofa County senate slot also appears to have broken the long-held belief that Lofa is the impenetrable stronghold of former Vice President Joseph Boakai, who traveled to campaign in Lofa for the Unity Party candidate, a move that had many bookmakers heavily rooting for a landslide Kortimai victory.

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