“Never Destroy What We Have for What We Don’t Have!” -FREE Liberia Executive Director Warns Liberians against Violence

MONROVIA – A Civil Society Organization, FREE Liberia, has cautioned Liberians, especially young people never to allow their emotions to lead them into a wrong motion of violence and hooliganism.

FREE Liberia is the Foundation for Research, Education and Empowerment.

The Executive Director of the organization, Dr. Charles Gbollie, believes violence and hooliganism are not a language and those who speak or provoke violence must rethink and learn a new language of non-violence, unity and peace.

According to Dr. Gbollie, “to destroy what we have as a country in the name of advocacy for what we do not have yet is by no means a wise decision; hence, we must never pick such chance on Liberia!

Serving as Guest Lecturer at a one-day lecture series on non-violence hosted by the Voices of Elders of the Republic of Liberia (VOTE RL), [formerly Liberian Elders of the Republic of the Bicentennial 2022), reminded all Liberians of the huge price already  paid by the country as a result of violence and vandalism.

As Liberia gears up for the crucial elections in October 2023, the Liberian educator intimated “we cannot afford the huge price of violence as a country because it comes with irreparable costs and losses.”

“No one has proof over violence. Violence is like rain; it falls on all people, beginning with those who stand under it. It is 1000% better to be a peace agent than a violence-monger,” Dr. Gbollie observed.

“Violence and hooliganism is when you utilize your entrusted authority to suppress or dehumanize another individual or hinder the progress of a country. It could be in our homes, when we use our strengths against women and children, or when we use our positions to harass them and others to submission. Let’s stop it,” he added.

Directing his message to Liberian youth, the FREE Liberia Boss said “my dear young people remember this: Everyone has something to lose during violence and hooliganism; but you have everything to lose. Do not be a part of anything that will cut-short your today and future.”

According to him, whether it is in politics, sports, education or in the home, violence is never the answer nor remedy to dealing with issues, rather non-violence approach and dialogue would.

In conclusion, Dr. Gbollie called on Liberians to get vaccinated against violence and hooliganism ahead of the crucial 2023 elections through LOVE, PATRIOTISM, NATIONALISM, PEACE, and NON-VIOLENCE as Liberia needs a clean and violence free elections.

The FREE Liberia Executive Director called on the Liberian government to be more proactive in speedily investigating and persecuting perpetrators of any form of violence to serve as a deterrent.

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