Massa Washington Slams PYJ’s Supporters -For Hypocrisy, Rejecting Friends to Defend PYJ

MONROVIA – The last is yet to be heard about the attack at the church premises belonging to Senator Prince Y. Johnson of Nimba County where some commentators are situating the incident alongside the antecedents of the former war lord during the brutal civil war, just as a former Commissioner on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission(TRC), Ms Massa Washington has slammed some supporters who are going at length to annul and reject long standing relationship with those whom they believe are against the interest of the former rebel leader.

Miss Washington speaking via a social media post on her Facebook page, trolled those whom she said are from the JNB/Prince Johnson Collaboration” who are fond of throwing invectives against her and another commissioner of the TRC, John Stewart for choosing to rightly exercise their freedom of choice guaranteed under the 1986 constitution not to support the presidential pursuit of the Standard Bearer of the Unity Party, Joseph Nyuma Boakai due to the Senator Johnson factor, satirically being wishful for them to win the ensuing election slated for October 10, 2023.

“I hope for your sake those of you from the JNB/Prince Johnson Collaboration who are now insulting people like me and John Stewart and cancelling us because we dare exercise our Freedom of Choice not to support your ticket due to the Prince Johnson factor, will really win the elections. You will need to win ooh because the way some of you are destroying long standing relationships including family ties, is mind boggling. Your really got to win.

“Imagine people attacking me for Prince Johnson to the extent of quoting his Constitutional Right of Freedom of Religion after “thugs” went to his Church on Sunday to cause trouble. Aren’t some of those “thugs” minions of people like Prince Johnson, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf etc? Doesn’t Prince Johnson use his Church to insult and threaten others? We record many times where “man of God”, as some of you are now referring to Prince Johnson, from his “pulpit”, rained down invectives, preached violence and incited his congregation and the general public against his perceived enemies”, she said.

Miss Washington who for a long time worked as a journalist before being appointed as a member of the TRC and has being a consistent voice for the establishment of the War and Economic Crimes Court in the country, said several times Senator Johnson “insulted and threatened Former TRC Commissioners for recommending him for prosecution for his commission of gross violations of human rights including war crimes and crimes against humanity” and brought to fore how the former leader of the INPFL once attacked religious centers to unleash mayhem, including some religious persons during the exercise .

“This same Prince Johnson, stormed the Temple of Hare Krishna Worshippers in Monrovia and murdered 5 of them in cold blood including an American woman named Linda, for which he is being investigated.

“What happened to those individual’s Freedom of Religion as enshrined in the Constitution? While we disagreed with what happened at his church on Sunday however, we will not be blinded-sided and join the chorus in validating this unrepented, unremorseful mass rapist and murderer.

“There are consequences to every decision and we learned in our physics class that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. It is good to condemn the incident at Prince Johnson’s church. But it is also prudent to deconstruct contemporary issues and understand why we are in this mess in the first place”, the post concluded.

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