LiNCSA Launches Civilian Arms Registration for Hunters

As part of its core function to control, regulate and prevent the proliferation of Small and Light Weapons in Liberia, and pursuant to Parts II, III & IV of the Firearms and Ammunition Control Act of 2016 relating to the possession, registration, licensing and use of the single barrel hunting guns, the Liberia National Commission on Small Arms (LiNCSA) in collaboration with the Liberia National Police has officially launched the Civilian Arms Registration Exercise intended to register and license all holders of the single barrel hunting guns. The occasion was held on January 31, 202 at a well-attended ceremony in Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount County.

Speaking at the official launch of the civilian arms registration exercise, the Chairman of LiNCSA, Atty T. Maxwell Grigsby II, told county authorities and high-level government officials from national security institutions along with key local and international partners that the exercise is intended to boost the security and safety of the people of Liberia as well as create a conducive atmosphere for citizens.

Chairman Grigsby encouraged civilians, especially those wanting to have or possess hunting guns to have confidence in the government, especially authorities of the Small Arms Commission and the Liberia National Police who are collaborating partners in the civilian arms registration exercise. The Small Arms Boss noted that his office has received continuous reports of the misuse of firearms across the country, something which if not controlled could undermine the peace and prosperity of the country, stressing that if we don’t regulate and control the issue of arms, the country may revert to another round of civil war.

Chairman Grigsby thanked members of the Joint Security of Liberia, partners from the national and international levels for cultivating interest in the Civilian Arms Registration Exercise for hunters. The Chairman of LiNCSA indicated that the exercise will help contribute to government’s revenue, noting that 60 percent of the collected revenue will go towards the Commission’s operations, while 40 percent will be allotted for government.

Chairman Grigsby told residents of Robertsport that a team comprising of LiNCSA and the Liberia National Police will remain in the County to jumpstart the Civilian Arms Registration for Hunters, and then move onto other counties within Liberia.

He encouraged the hunters to cooperate with the process because the Team on ground will painstakingly explain the entire process to them.

LiNCSA Boss said, a minimum amount of US$100.00 (One Hundred United States Dollars) has been agreed for both Permit and License for Citizens of Liberia who want to possess gun for hunting, while US$ 200.00 (Two Hundred United States Dollars) for legal Residents in Liberia.

Representatives from the National Security Sectors, ECOWAS, MRU, UNDP, MIA, Hunters Union of Liberia, LANSA, Legislative Caucus on Security and the county authorities of Grand Cape Mount County, expressed delight over the exercise to register gun for hunters.

They expressed that the exercise will help sustain the livelihood of people, especially hunters, describing the exercise as a great vision for the peace of Liberia. During the launch of the exercise hunters were encouraged to abide by the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) laws prohibiting the killing of certain animals in Liberia.

The registration and licensing of single barrel hunting guns is in fulfillment of Article 14 of the ECOWAS Convention of Small Arms and Light Weapons relating to the “Control of Possession of Small Arms and Light Weapons by Civilians”. As a state party to the Convention, Liberia passed the Firearms and Ammunition Control of 2016 to domesticate the Convention as a legal framework for arms control in the country.

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