MoE Announces Regulations and Eligibility For Senior High School Graduation

In an effort to strengthen and standardize our educational system of the Republic of Liberia, the Ministry of Education has announced that all senior high school students must pass ANY THREE (3) subjects in the West African Secondary Schools Certificate Examinations (WASSCE) before they can be allowed to take part in graduation ceremony.

According to the Ministry release issued over the weekend, no senior high school authority or administrator should deny any senior student from sitting the West African Secondary Schools Certificate Examinations (WAASSCE), due to tuition arrears or project fees in the school.

The release further noted that: “All public senior high school 12th Graders are urged to attend the Tutorial Classes organized by the Ministry of Education and funded by the Government of Liberia for better performance in the upcoming WASSCE. In the same vein, all private schools are encouraged to conduct Tutorial Classes for their 12th Graders.

“Absolutely, there should be no collection of FLEXIBILITY FEES and CAMPING for the upcoming WASSCE 2019/2020.  The Government of Liberia will continue to pay all WASSCE fees for all 12th Graders in both public and private schools, therefore no school administrator should collect WASSCE fee from any student nation-wide.

“Henceforth, the Ministry of Education will administer Mock Exam for all 12th graders both public and private schools nationwide on April 18, 2020.

“There shall be NO collection of Graduation fees before the release of the WASSCE results. Also, no high school, both public and private should have any form of graduation (Thanksgiving, Honoring Program, etc.), before the release of the WASSCE results”.

In conclusion, the Ministry said, “all senior high school administrators and proprietors are therefore advised to adhere to the above instructions and directive from the Ministry of Education, for better coordination and improved learning outcomes for a better Liberia, as we strive for excellence in our educational sector”.

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