JNB Expresses Optimism for New Dawn -As NEC Declares Him “President Elect”

MONROVIA: What could be seen as a reiteration of his campaign mantra to midwife a new Liberia of opportunities,  the Standard Bearer of the Unity Party, Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai, moment after being declared officially as the winner of the 2023 presidential elections, has raised the hope of the citizens with an assertion that in his first 100 days in power he will quickly move to address issues that “affect the soul of the citizens with the view of alleviating the level of poverty and hardship in the country.

Speaking to the media at his residence shortly after he was declared the eventual winner of the presidential race, Ambassador Boakai who was obviously in a joyous mood said his electoral promise in his first 100 days remains intact and as soon as inauguration formalities are finalized next year January, he will swing into action to ensure that the mandate given to him by the Liberian people will be honored by reciprocating what he can do for the people.

“I said in the first 100 days no car will be stuck on a major road in this country and I mean it.The first 100 days, we have said it over and over and again. We know the cost of living in this country and even health problem that are associated with the messy road condition, we want to improve that immediately so that we can prepare their construction”, he said

He said Liberians have been complaining about their yearning of many, many things, “we want to quickly review some of the reasons for the hardship, especially in those areas that are essential to their livelihood, what makes the price of rice high, some of the things that touch the soul of the person”. He said upon reviewing the findings, the government will immediately move into action to begin finding solutions to some of the problems.

Mr. Boakai who upon inauguration will be the 26th President of Liberia while giving update of where his team is right now in terms of getting set to explore with projects, said “We are now at the point where we will now be preparing for the transition and then begin the plan for inauguration and we jumpstart the activities of governance and I can assure you that Liberia, unity party and all of our collaborators are prepared to bring prosperity and all of the things you have been yearning for with your cooperation”..

On relationship with the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change(CDC), Boakai said everything was going on fine and thanked President for conceding defeat to him, assuring the citizens on the oneness of the country  “what we want is a peaceful Liberia, our move to reconcile the society, to make sure that we all get on board to build our country”, she said..

The President elect thanked all Liberians for their support in various forms, “especially those who braved the evenings to protect those ballots”, the media and others who he did not mention physically.

Immediately after speaking to the press, Boakai proceeded to a venue in front of his house where a little worship service was held and organized by a group referring to itself as The Rescue Prayer GroupI. The leader of the group said they have been interceding for the aspiration of Ambassador Boakai since the commencement of the national campaign, adding “you have seen what the power of prayer and belief can do today and we want to thank the Almighty God for rescuing this country through your leadership.

The National Chairman of the Unity Party, Rev. Dr. Luther Tarpeh thanked the group for its unflinching support since they came in contact with the Rescue Mission and urged them to continue to pray for the betterment of the country.

‘Now that the Liberian people have chosen his excellency to lead our country for the next 6 years, we want to urge you not to stop from praying for him, he needs your prayer than any time before for God to give him strength, wisdom, and that God will use him to rescue Liberia from all the problems we have”, Rev. Tarpeh said.

Meanwhile, at yesterday’s press briefing where the National Elections Commission(NEC) announced the final results of the just concluded presidential run off, the electoral umpire declared the Presidential ticket of the Unity Party(UP) which comprised of Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai and Senator Jeremiah Kpan Koung the eventual winner ahead of the ticket of the Coalition for Democratic Change(CDC) of incumbent President and Vice President respectively, President George and Mrs. Jewel Howard Taylor. The UP ticket according to NEC got 814,481 (50.64%) while the CDC ticket got 793, 9 14 (49.36

At the program NEC Chairperson Davidetta Brown Lansanah first reminded the journalists how the Commission had informed them last Friday that it has received two complaints from the Coalition for Democratic Change through its magisterial offices in Upper and Lower Nimba County, regarding the conduct of the Run-off Election in Nimba County.

“May I inform you that consistent with Article 83(c) of the Constitution, the NEC has 30 days to investigate and render a decision in this matter,” she said, informing the journalists further that the re-run in Polling Place #4, District #9 in Nimba County, was held on Saturday, 18 November from 8 am-5 pm and that following on the spot counting, tally was completed and transmitted to the NEC Data Center for collation.

Madam Brown Lansanah then proceeded with the declaration or the winner of the presidential race when she said, “… the Results of the Presidential Run-off Election indicate that the presidential ticket of candidates Boakai, Joseph N. and Jeremiah K. Koung of [the Unity Party] has the highest number of votes [amounting to] 814,481 (50.64%) over Weah, George Manneh and Jewel Howard Taylor of [with] CDC 793, 9 14 (49.36%) votes.”

Accordingly, the NEC chairperson declared at the presidential ticket of candidates Joseph N. Boakai and Jeremiah K. Koung of the Unity Party the winner of the 14 November 2023 run-off election as jubilation engulfed the Capitol City, while the NEC boss was ferried from the NEC Headquarters within a convoy of vehicles of the new United States Ambassador to Liberia.

Reports from the Unity Party end noted that the President-elect who was contacted made acceptance remarks amidst jubilation by p-artisans at the Unity Party Headquarters and around major streets and communities in Monrovia.

Already there was a pre-concession in which the out-going President said acknowledged the results, and recognized that the true winners of the elections through the peaceful and orderly exercise of the constitutional rights of the people to vote, adding “You have once again demonstrated your commitment to the democratic principles that bind us together as a nation.”

“The results announced tonight [last Friday], though not final, indicate that Ambassador Joseph N. Boakai is in a lead that we cannot surpass,” the outgoing President said, adding “Therefore, a few minutes ago, I spoke with President-elect Joseph N. Boakai to congratulate him on his victory.”

However, President Weah mentioned that the elections which are acclaimed to be transparent, fair and peaceful  was organized under his leadership, these elections were organized with a promise to the Liberian people – a promise of fairness, peace, inclusiveness, transparency, and credibility. “I am proud to say that we have fulfilled that promise. The Liberian people have spoken, and we have heard their voice,” he said.

President Weah indicated that the CDC has lost the election, but Liberia has won.  “This is a time for graciousness in defeat, a time to place our country above party, and patriotism above personal interest. I remain your President until the handover of power, and I will continue to work for the good of Liberia. Let us heal the divisions caused by the campaign and come together as One Nation and One United People,” he added.

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