Jefferson Koijee Rubbishes Link with Arm Importation -Calls on City Police Director Garwo to Return Home

By Stephen G. Fellajuah

MONROVIA – Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee has strongly reacted to Stanton Witherspoon and other co-hosts of the Spoon Talk, an online television talk show on which panelists led by Mr. Stanton Witherspoon linked Mayor to the importation of a huge cache of arms including machine guns into the country from Israel through the Freeport of Monrovia. Mayor Koijee also called on the Monrovia City Police Director to return home and disallowed himself being used by some Liberians abroad.

Debunking the alleged link to armed importation into the country, Mr. Koijee said he has never brought guns into the country, noting “I think Stanton Witherspoon, a Federal indictee, has desecrated the microphone” when he made the allegation. “Other people used war to destabilize this country, so this time around they want to use misinformation and disinformation to deceive the people of Liberia”, he exclaimed.

Mayor Koijee addressing a press conference yesterday, May 8, 2023 in the conference room of the Monrovia City Hall, argued that Stanton Witherspoon, Eugene Fahgon and others want to wage war to bring a sitting government down.

According to him, it is so sad that “criminals like Witherspoon who killed American citizens by issuing and selling fake credentials will use the microphone to heap allegations typical of gun-running on my hard earned character”.

He also termed Eugene Fahgon as “someone who is a victim of the circumstances and boxed his age; one, he said, who cannot fare himself and family at this point in time, and is frustrated and disappointed and is like a drowning man”.

Having gone trivial with the Spoon personalities, Mr. Koijee vehemently denied ever having a link with armed importation into the country.

“Since I became Mayor of the City of Monrovia, under my stewardship we have never ever brought any container of arms from Israel. Never have we;  and that is why we will continue to expose them because the truth is consistent and we urge you journalists to go to the Freeport of Monrovia to investigate, because we have never ever brought anything from Israel through the Freeport”, he further said.

However, Mayor Koijee admitted doing business with what he termed as reputable institutions in Israel, while displaying documents of transactions he had with an unnamed Israeli company during the press conference.

Mr. Koijee maintained that uniform for the Monrovia City Police was brought through the Robert International Airport, to add value and dignity to the Monrovia City government police force, and disclosed that on Monday, May 8, 2023 he had meeting with some members of the International community who were very concerned about the allegations on the Spoon Talk Show linking him to importation of guns into Liberia.

“But I was able to provide documents and informed them that this group of Liberians for their own selfish reasons continues to misinform and misinform the people of Liberia [for their selfish agenda], “he said.

Mr. Koijee continued when he equated Stanton Witherspoon to “Armed Robber,” adding that he has compromised his moral standing only because of the hate he has for Jefferson T. Koijee.

“You need to be aware that there were men who felt they were mightier and thought they could use the microphone to defame us from coming to power in this country, but now some of them are no longer around,” he asserted, and pointed out, “We have presented tons of information about this man called Stanton to the US Embassy.”

At the same time Mayor Koijee encouraged the Liberia National Police to tell the public about the weapon that were found at the Freeport of Monrovia and reechoed that these are troubling times and the public needs to know the outcome of that investigation in soonest possible time.

He used the occasion to make it clear that the Monrovia City Police Director, Thomas Garwo, went to America for a three weeks church program for which the city government supported him in good faith, adding “But for now, the city government is not in touch with him.”

However, he said he hopes the city government will reach out to know his whereabouts and urge him to come back home and not allow himself to be used by Stanton and his likes.

Also, Koijee used the occasion to make a clarion call to the Religious Community to speak on the lies currently being spewed in the public about disinformation and misinformation that have the propensity to damage the good image of the country globally.

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