“It Is Legislative Tyranny” -Sen. Dillon Describes Action against Lady

Senator Abraham Darius Dillon has said that it is an intimidation and pure abuse of power for any Chamber of the Legislature to hold a citizen or any person in “contempt” for matters arising between a Lawmaker or Lawmakers and non-members of the Legislature that are NOT cognizable before the Legislature in so far such issues do not “obstruct or impede” functions of the Legislature.

Senator made the assertion yesterday when he posted on his social media page in apparent reference to a lady Makanvee Sheriff who was held at the Capitol Building by the leadership of the House of Representatives for allegedly assaulting Representative Nathaniel Bahway of Grand Kru County.

Senator Dillon said his reliance can be found in the closing sentence contained in Article 44 of the Constitution which states “Disputes between Legislators and non-members (of the Legislature) which are properly cognizable in the courts shall not be entertained or heard in the Legislature.”

The tough talking Montserrado County who is affectionately referred to as THE LIGHT gave an example to buttress his point when he said allegedly slapping a Lawmaker or stealing from a Lawmaker or loving to the spouse of a Lawmaker, illegally buying or selling a property of a Lawmaker BY persons that are non-members of the Legislature are disputes NOT cognizable before the Legislature. The proper forum to handle and settle such disputes is at the COURTS.

“To hold any person in “contempt” for issues between a Lawmaker and another person that is NOT a Lawmaker, which act, action and or inaction that did not or does not “obstruct or impede” legislative functions is abuse of power. Entertaining such matters before the Legislature is like usurping the functions of the Judiciary. It is like taking the laws into one’s own hands”, he stated

It was reported yesterday that Madam Sheriff had chased the lawmaker all the way for hitting her car and not showing concern but decided to proceed for Session at the Capitol Building. Eye witnesses have it that upon reaching the lawmaker, she and her family members who were in the car with her when it was hit threw insults on him and even held him by his shirt when he was leaving for session.

It was at that point that she was arrested by the security and eventually whisked to the national headquarters of the Liberia National Police (LNP) and later brought back to the capitol and had to wait until she was later on pardoned after the House held its executive meeting.

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