HOR Grants Gedeh College University Charter -Seeks Senate Concurrence

MONROVIA – After series of consultations and committee meetings following the submission of a bill seeking for the upgrading of the Grand Gedeh County Community College by Dr. George ES Boley of District #2, Grand Gedeh County, the Honorable House of Representatives on Thursday, December 1, 2022 in plenary session voted unanimously to repeal the 2011 act establishing the Grand Gedeh County Community College-GGCC thus granting it a university charter.

The lower house of the national legislature reached the decision Thursday, December 1, 2022 during its 11th day sitting of the 3rd quarter of the 5th session following a report from the joint committee on Education, Judiciary and Ways and Means.

The committee in its report informed plenary that upon receipt of the bill submitted by Representative George Boley, the Committee on Education and Public Administration convened several meetings to discuss the benefits and values of it.

A statement issued by the House Press and Public Affairs Bureau said the meetings and consultations were held with relevant stakeholders associated with the Grand Gedeh County Community College (Administrative staff, Board of Trustees), students, graduates and the Commission on Higher Education. 

The Committee said Grand Gedeh County, strategically situated in the Southeastern region of Liberia, has about 40,000 students enrolled in 200 schools with 5,200 students in 21 high schools across the County and the senior high schools graduate an average of 846 students annually to be admitted into tertiary education programs.

“Taking into consideration the inevitable needs for the elevation of the Grand Gedeh County Community College, the only public higher education institution in the County, to a four-year degree granting University in order to enhance higher education as a means to decentralize tertiary education in the leeward counties, with particular emphasis on the upper-Southeastern region” the committee added.

On the side of plenary decision, Representative George Boley, lauded his colleagues and called on the Liberian Senate to concur with the House of Representatives

Meanwhile, a motion by Rivercess County Representative, Rosana Schaack, ensured the passage of the instrument and has been forwarded to the Liberian Senate for concurrence.

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