Delivering Bassa with Grand Prize! -Bility Promises Massive Development in 2 Weeks -Says “The Face of Grand Bassa will Change”

MONROVIA: The Chairman of the opposition Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) and National Chairman of the constituent Liberty Party, Musa Hassan Bility, says he will deliver Liberty Party to the people of Grand Bassa County on Saturday, May 27, 2023, in a manner and form that will put smiles on the faces of all Bassa.

According to Mr. Bility, the Liberty Party is a birthright of the people of Grand Bassa County because Bassa is where the LP was birthed and its umbilical cord was buried.

“One thing I can tell the Bassa people. I am a Mandingo man. I know what it is when people attach themselves to a party because they birthed it. I know what it is for them to lose it. It has happened to my tribe before. We formed the Unity Party. Unity Party is a Mandingo people party. We lost the Unity Party. I know how Mandingo people feel because they lost the Unity Party. I was not going to allow the Bassa people to lose their party. That party was born by Bassa people, and the promise that I have to make to them is that the ultimate political prize that Liberty Party will get, Bassa people will be happy, Bassa people will be proud; and Liberty Party will bring smiles to the people of Bassa.

“In addition to that, the very development that they have been preventing me from bringing to that county, in two weeks, I am building a modern radio station in Grand Bassa. I am going to put solar lights in more than 50 towns in Grand Bassa. In two weeks, my machines that are in Nimba are going to move into Grand Bassa to fix the roads. The face of Grand Bassa will change. That’s all I wanted to do for that county,” said Chairman Bility when he appeared over the weekend on The Closing Argument, a live online television program that comprises mainly members who broke away recently from the Spoon TV network.

Bility further disclosed that a prominent citizen of Bassa has provided him with one lot of land to build Liberty Party’s first-ever national headquarter in Grand Bassa County.

“He came to me and gave me one acre of land in the name of Liberty. He said, ‘Musa, thank you for the Liberty Party. I want you to build Liberty Party headquarters in Bassa’. And I will build the headquarters as a tribute to everything that the people of Bassa have given to the Liberty Party. It will be the first-ever headquarters of the Liberty Party in the Republic of Liberia. That whole compound will be named after Charles Walker Brumskine. I will reveal the name of that prominent Bassa citizen on the 27th. So, therefore, I am returning the Liberty Party to its rightful owners. I am just a servant. Liberty Party is not mine. I did not inherit it. The Liberty Party was not created by my parents. That party was born by the Bassa people; it belongs to them. I am taking it to them on Saturday, to deliver it to them. Nobody should tell you that Musa Bility came to take your party from you. I am bringing the party with a prize. Alexander Cummings will announce that prize,” Mr. Bility stated proudly.

Bility then wondered, if the Bassa people cannot lay claim to the Liberty Party, then what stake do they have in the political theatre, stating that at the end of the day, the people of Bassa cannot have this big tribe without a voice.

“If you go to the southeast, it is George Weah and Alexander Cummings; if you go to the Lofa and Kpelle belt, Jewel Howard and Joseph Boakai; if you go to the north, Prince Johnson and Jeremiah Koung, or Gongloe and Musa Bility. If you go to Montserrado, everybody is there. Show me one political figurehead that has a stake in 2023 in the Bassa belt. Do you think this is fair to the second largest tribe in the Republic of Liberia?” Bility wondered.

The LP chairman also decried how he has been demonized and falsely accused of trying to take the Liberty Party from the Bassa people, a people that he has always had a fond place in his heart because of what the party’s founding father Charles Walker Brumskine did for him.

“I have been demonized in Bassa to the extent that they are spreading lies that I came to take the people’s party to Nimba. I am from Nimba. I am Chairman of the Liberty Party. The first chairman of the Liberty Party also came from Nimba, Larry Yonquoi. But I know that the soul of the Liberty Party is in Bassa. The umbilical cord of the Liberty Party is in Bassa. Liberty Party is coming home; and I am not bringing it home empty-handed. I am bringing development. I have ordered 1,000 solar lights to be installed all over Grand Bassa County. I am fixing roads; what I am doing in Nimba that you know, I am taking it to Bassa. I cannot talk too much, even though my mouth is itching. Let May 27 happen. There are certain things I cannot say because the standard bearer has to talk first,” Chairman Bility stated categorically.

Providing a historical backdrop about how he became affiliated with the Liberty Party, Bility said his involvement with Cllr. Charles Brumskine dates as far back as 2011 when he said Brumskine reportedly asked him to support the Liberty Party.

“At the time, I said to him that I had started a journey with Madam Sirleaf and I had to end that journey; that he should allow me to do so. And if for any reason he still wants to run in 2017, I gave him my word that I will support him. When 2017 came, he came to me and said, ‘small brother, I am ready’. So, I said yes, I am coming to you, and nothing will stop me. I came and joined the Liberty Party.

“When I joined the Liberty Party, the party headquarters was inside Old Road, Sinkor, in a three-room office – the living room and two small offices. I dare anyone to say this is not true, because it was in that building that the program marking my joining the Liberty Party was held. That very day, I told Cllr. Brumskine, now that I have joined this party, it has to have a new lease on life. The next day, he informed me that there is a building that he had been talking to the people about and they came to a conclusion, but we needed to pay US$70,000 – US$35,000 towards the rent, and US$35,000 towards the renovation. I wrote a check for US$70,000 and we moved Liberty Party into that building. When I joined, the next day I went to Africa Motors and bought 10 Toyota Hilux pickups and sent them to Cllr. Brumskine’s house.

“Three months later, I invested over US$4 million of my own money into the party. I bought 60 brand new pickups. Two weeks to election, Charlyne Brumskine was doing so well in Montserrado, working overnight, so I bought 10 more vehicles and gave her three and spread the rest over the country. I did those things because I believe in the man. At that time, I was the CEO of the Liberty party campaign. There was no Nyonblee, there was no Dillon in the leadership of the party. Dillon had left in 2011 and gone to the Unity Party, but Brumskine brought all of them back. I appointed Darius Dillon as spokesperson for the Liberty Party. When I hear them saying, ‘I bought Musa,’ the truth is that I appointed Darius Dillon as spokesperson for the Liberty Party campaign. The rest of the story, after ‘Fixer 2’ is announced, I will do a podcast on a series to be called, ‘My Liberty Party Journey’, and I will let the Liberian people know from where I took the Liberty Party,” Chairman Bility promised.

Betting with defiant confidence

Meanwhile, Bility has wagered two mouth-watering bets that hinge on his finances, his political career and the CPP going into the next runoff elections after October 10, 2023.

Speaking with effusive confidence, Chairman Bility said he is betting his home and US$1 million if CPP does not enter the second round after October 10, 2023. Mr. Bility went further to wager that if on Saturday, May 27, 2023 the CPP doesn’t pull three times the crowd that Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence pulled when she recently endorsed the Boakai-Koung ticket in Buchanan, he will resign as Chairman of the CPP.

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  1. Jacob Doe says

    Musa Bility, you are really a fool to believe that because Edward . Kesselly was or is Mandingo, so the Unity Party was or is a Mandingo party. As a matter of fact you better drop that silly mentality that a single individual can be the sole founder of a party, simply because he or she may have brought up the idea to establish a party.

    So according to that corrupt jar on your shoulders you call head, the Progressive People Party or the United Peoples Party is a Congau party, because Baccus was the leader. Or LAP was a Kru party because the leader Tuan Wreh was or is Kru. According to your warped deduction, ALCOP is a Mandingo party, since Alhaji Kromah was its leader and a founding member. You are very ignorant . Was or is Charles Brumskine a Bassa man? YOU ARE VERY STUPID.

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