“DAL Is Not Fronting For VP Boakai”-Rev. Kiamu-Says Alliance Will Field Candidate In 2023

The newly formed political alliance, the Democratic Alliance of Liberia(DAL) has said there is no iota of truth in the insinuation that it was formed purposely to serve as a back up plan for former Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai should the Unity Party is barred from participating in the 2023 Presidential and General election as per litigation filed against the party by the Liberty Party(LP) and Alternative National Congress(ANC) for violating the framework agreement on exiting the coalition as well as supporting the former Vice President should UP is allowed to participate in the process.

Speaking yesterday in an exclusive interview with one of the conveners, Reverend David Kiamu who is also the political leader of the Democratic People’s Party of Liberia (DPPL) said that DAL was formed as an independent political institute to provide the right leadership outside of what the country has been experiencing that has brought difficulty to the citizenry as such it was out of place for the alliance to be part or be a supportive arm of another party in the polity.

He said as was clearly articulated by the Organizing Chairman Prof. Alaric Tokpa during the signing of the declaration of intent, the alliance will decide a consensus candidate to run for President on its ticket in 2023.

Reverend Kiamu said the next series of activities following the signing of the declaration of intent is that the organizing authority of DAL will stay engaged with the National Elections Commission to ensure registration of the alliance is done according to NEC rules and that constituent parties will continue to work to carry out their individual party programs as well.

“The DAL will put forth a candidate. DPPL will be a part of choosing who the DAL nominee will be. At this point the nomination process has not been held yet. It’s a bit too early to determine who the nominee will be”

When asked  what measures are being put in place to guide and guard against the crisis that has taken over the CPP, Rev. Kiamu said experience is the best teacher and they have watched and unfortunately and painfully the CPP going through the ordeal. “We too as members of the opposition have been impacted by the challenge CPP has. We have learnt much from their failures and so we are in a better position to never repeat their mistakes”, he said

Rev. Kiamu who averred that the DAL is a radical departure from the usual Liberian political parties that have not changed anything meaningful for the country. “DAL is deeply founded on values such as  love for country, commitment to God and to people, promise keeping,  respect for others, comradely,  selflessness and deep commitment to each other”, adding “we will solve our problems together and we will work hard to believe in each other. We will build a culture of trust, openness, and every time a comrade is wrong or guilty of wrongdoing, we will compassionately find ways to deal with that. No one will be too big to admit guilt, and no one will be too big to say “I am sorry”, he said.

Touching on the economy, he said his party, DPPL, is continuing to be concerned about the slow pace at which economic reforms are moving in the country and urged the CDC led government to speedily put lower denominations of the Liberian Dollar on the Liberian market.  He also said the party was still concerned that the prices of gas, rice, diesel fuel, and basic commodities are still high.

The tough talking cleric while further discussing the economy said the recent acknowledgement by Mr. Samuel D. Tweah, Jr, Minister of Finance and Development Planning that he personally approved the spending of 25 million dollars of National Road Funds requires that he be dismissed and turned over to the Justice Ministry for investigation.

“DPPL calls on President Weah to dismiss the Minister of finance with immediate effect. His failure to take these actions on key ministers who are corrupt will pave the way for him to go down with them some day. A hint to the wise!” he concluded.

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