Cummings Wants Affirmative Actions to Push and Protect Women’s Cause

The Political Leader and Standard Bearer of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) Mr. Alexander B. Cummings has called for affirmative action through appropriate legislations to protect the rights of women and advance their cause in all spheres of national life.

Mr. Cummings said women who constitute 50 percent of Liberia’s population, deserve the proposed 30 percent representation at the Legislature and even at the level of the Cabinet in the Executive Branch.

He made the assertion in an interview with local media on Tuesday, March 8, marking the observance of International Women’s Day 2022. Mr. Cummings stated women are critical and indispensable partners in our national development agenda and must be accorded equal rights and privileges as per their male counterparts.

On the question about the increasing rate of rapes and sexual based violence against women, Mr. Cummings, stressed the need for strict enforcement and execution of laws that protect and defend the rights and dignity of women in Liberia. “There has to be legal consequences and punishment for those culpable for rape and sexual based violence against women, without compromise by family members or accused persons, to serve as a strong deterrent” Mr. Cummings said.

He emphasized the need for awareness among family members to report rape cases, while the criminal justice system must be supportive by the strict application of the laws, evidence collection, prosecution of perpetrators, improved health care treatment for rape victims, and men involved, be punished and shamed.

On questions about the socio-economic outlook of Liberia, the ANC Political Leader spoke of the immense benefits of investing hugely in education and vocational rehabilitation of youths, training of teachers and providing them better incentives aimed at improving the quality of the educational system.

He said under ANC leadership, health will also become top priority for investment, and the creation of jobs for the thousands of unemployed youths, all aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of the nation and people.

On the question of support for the Children Parliament, the ANC Leader said funding could be done through budgetary allocations or through external sources and noted the imperative need to support and finance the important work of the Children Parliament in Liberia.

On the issue of the conflict that led to the collapse of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Cummings attributed it to selfishness and power struggle as to who should be the standard-bearer of the CPP. “We successfully came together within two years, formed the CPP,  celebrated its formation, excited Liberians everywhere, won six seats in the National Legislature, and all of a sudden, nearing to electing a national leader for the CPP as required by the rules of engagement, things breakdown, due to selfishness on part of some Political leaders fearing election.” Mr. Cummings said.

He said the allegation of altering the CPP framework document is far from the truth and reality. He argued that it was because two of the Political Leaders, fearing a defeat at a CPP national convention, ganged up, fabricated baseless and unfounded accusations against the leadership of the ANC, broke away, and filed bogus charges which are in court today.

The ANC Political Leader said however, there is hope for reconciliation, if the four Collaborating parties could let bygone be bygone, they could open talks, regroup, incorporate other interested parties to continue the mission of making Mr. George Weah one term President come 2023.

He said people fought wars, in the worst case scenario, but they came back together, talked, reconciled their differences and forged ahead for the common good of the nation. It is possible with the willingness on the part of the major Political leaders, Mr. Cummings said.

He said however, with two parties left in the CPP, including the Liberty Party, and hope of incorporating interested new members, the push for state power continues for the betterment of Liberia.

The ANC Political Leader spoke of the need for Political Parties in Liberia to become  entrepreneurs and invest, from which political activities can be financed and shift from total reliance on individuals.

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