Cummings Picks More Endorsements -From Lower Margibi

MONROVIA – There seems to be an unending traction to the presidential bid of the standard bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties(CPP), Mr. Alexander B. Cummings who continues to receive massive endorsements from Montserrado and Margibi with the latest coming from the people of Joezohn and Karfiah, all rural communities in Lower Margibi County.

Buoyed by the series of endorsements and increase in his support base when he visited communities in Districts #4 and 6 in  Montserrado County, Cummings and his entourage stormed the sleepy Joezohn, a rural Bassa community and was overwhelmingly welcomed by the people Dawho danced, sang and chanted his name with slogans such as , “Dah Cummings we want”, Cummings all theway.

Upon disembarking from his vehicle, which was sandwiched by several cars in the convoy, Cummings walked and waved to the surging crowd, most who were seeing him for the first time, and went straight to the point where a traditional welcome ceremony was held.

The head Chief, who was simply referred to as Chief Zor present kola nut and a white rooster to demonstrate their happiness and clear heart they harbored for Cummings and his team and told him that they were performing the tradition that was handed down over to them from their forefathers and to give him their vow which cannot never be negotiated for anything, that they will wholeheartedly support him in 2023.

“We only hear about you but we have not seen you and since you have come to see us today, we want to tell you that you will carry and we will stand on our one word, no one will change it because this is what our forefathers did and we will continue with it. We will not give you our words and not stand by it”, the chief said through an interpreter.

Thereafter various groups while endorsing and supporting Cummings also presented a series of challenges they were encountering to the CPP leader among which were the issues of roads to connect the various communities so as to promote trade, ease means of transportation of people and goods, communal and family union, etc.

They also made a special request to Cummings for the reconstruction of their damaged town hall which was destroyed by a heavy storm that removed the roof and broke parts of the wall of the structure.

A lady of the group who was the arrowhead of the mobilization and organization of the visit, told Mr. Cummings that the women were solidly behind him because in him they see real change and a serious presidential candidate who has the capacity to provide the rightful leadership.

“Mr. Cummings, the women of Joezohn have come to tell you that they are behind you. They have come to tell you that be it rain or shine, they will campaign for you and vote for you. We the women that are feeling the suffering in the country. Our husbands are not working and the whole burden is on our heads but we believe in you that when you become President, it will be for we the women because you will help us”, she said amid cheers

Responding to the people, Cummings said he was excited to be in their community and thanked all those who had come to welcome him and his delegation as well as listening to him as he delivered his message.

“I am aware of the suffering you are going through which should not have been so because you deserve better and Liberia deserves better. I want to tell you something about how we can all retrieve Liberia. The suffering you are seeing does not have to be this way.

“We deserve better roads, better hospitals, better schools. But if we need those things, we need to elect better leaders. Today why we are suffering in Liberia, our President has gone to watch world cup games in Qatar

“I promise you to change your story, I promise to create more jobs for Liberians, to work for Liberian women, to provide schools for our future leaders, to provide hospitals , etc, ” he said.

He urged Liberians to be optimistic about the emergence of real  change and consciously make a commitment to elect competent and qualified leaders come 2023

From Joezohn, Cummings and an array of CPP stalwarts and supporters moved to Karfian town, Karfian Chiefdown, where again Cummings and party received a huge welcome from the people and other residents in the area. Like Joezohn, he was accorded the traditional welcome and visited some towns around the area.

The CPP arrowhead assured them of the emergence of real change, when all Liberians nationwide will equally share into the country’s resources and national development agenda. Karfian Clan in Mamba Chiefdom, composed of predominantly Bassa people, is surrounded by 72 smaller towns, most of whom earned their living from burning coal, according to the Clan Chief Joseph Weamah. 

They expressed appreciation for the visit by Mr. Cummings, and hailed him for being the first Presidential candidate to visit them and experience the deplorable road conditions which is making life difficult for them.

Cummings assured Liberians that upon his election as President, he would endeavour to implement basic social services including safe drinking water, reliable electricity, improved health care services, fix the deplorable roads and dilapidated schools nationwide. He said women, considered the nation’s backbone, would be empowered through loan schemes to set up, expand and grow their businesses, to help women earn a decent living.

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