CPP Consolidates Opposition Strength -Leadership Cohesive for 2023, Says Chairman Lawrence

Against the backdrop of the recent rancor that permeated the rank and file of the Collaborating Political Parties with regards to the vitriolic rhetoric from constituent party cadres and operatives, which seemed to have confused voters about the way forward in casting their lot in 2023, the CPP leaders and some executives met Monday at a local shindig to harmonize their differences and forge ahead.

According to the presiding CPP Chairperson, Grand Bassa County Senator Nynoblee Karnga-Lawrence, the latest meeting of Liberia’s biggest opposition bloc leadership was intended to affirm their commitment and oneness, going towards the pending CPP primary and the 2023 presidential  and legislative elections.

Senator Lawrence also informed that the leadership concluded on consensus activities, as well as reviewed the pending bi-election proposal.

“The terms of Chairperson Sen. Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence was extended. We are grateful for the confidence. We remain stronger together and will support whoever becomes standard bearer for the CPP,” the presiding CPP Chairperson stated effusively in a social media post late Monday evening.

Public Reaction                                                             

The gathering of CPP leadership to chart a roadmap towards 2023 and beyond is being viewed by a good number of Liberians as a positive development, not only for the opposition community, but for multiparty democracy.

“This is what we want to see. If our leaders in the opposition bloc can put aside their personal differences and come together, nothing can stop our victory in 2023. We did it for ADD (Abraham Darius Dillon); we can make the CPP take state power in 2023,” says Abass Bundor, a US-based Liberian.

“As for me, I don’t care who becomes head of the CPP ticket. We will support even a toad frog to flog George Weah in 2023, once the CPP agrees,” says Maimuna Fofana of Duala.

The euphoria aside, it remains to be seen how far the new spirit of cohesiveness will last within the CPP as the party heads for its historic primary that should showcase the person squaring off against incumbent President George M. Weah in 2023.

“We are watching the CPP with eagle eyes. Any mistake, they’re out,” says Prince Massaquoi, a diehard supporter of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change, from Duport Road.

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