Clear for Senator Conmany Wesseh -As his COVID-19 Test Proves Negative

In the aftermath of the death of a participant of the Joint Security meeting on COVID-19 held at the Ministry of Defense in Monrovia on April 11, 2020, River Gee County Senator Conmany Wesseh says his Coronavirus test result done on April 26 came out negative.

“I am constrained to announce that my April 26 Coronavirus test result is negative. This has become necessary due to the conflicting reports about my status following the COVID-19 test that I took along with all fellow participants in the April 11, 2020 Joint Security Meeting held at the Ministry of Defense in Monrovia,” said Senator Wesseh in a statement posted on his social media page Wednesday.

The Joint Security Meeting was attended by high level national security officials from the Armed Forces of Liberia, the Police, Immigration and others, including the Drug Enforcement Agency Director Marcus Soko who passed on April 23 due to COVID-19 infections.

Senator Wesseh said, tracing the late LDEA Director Soko’s contacts led Health officials to that meeting which was also attended by two other Senate colleagues, Senators Stephen Zargo and Kaipaye, who, as ranking officers of the Senate Leadership Committee on Defense, Security, Intelligence and Veteran Affairs, had attended that meeting.

“Accordingly, the Minister of Health, Dr. Willimena Jallah, called me in the evening of April 25 to advise that I go to the SKD Stadium COVID-19 Testing Center the next day. I went there at about 1pm on Sunday, April 26. One of my sons, Bdabu, who drove me to the Centre did the test with me. The next afternoon, April 27 I was called again by Dr. Jallah with the news of my negative result. Later in the evening of the same day of the tests, the Chief Medical Officer of Liberia Dr. Francis Kateh also called me to confirm my result and to give the negative result of my son,” Senator Wesseh disclosed.

Narrating his ordeal further, Senator Wesseh said shortly after the tests, the Editor-in-Chief of FrontPage Africa, Rodney Sieh, called to confirm his (Senator Wesseh’s) participation in the high level security meeting and whether he had done his testing as required. Senator Wesseh said he confirmed his participation and testing; but said his result was yet to come.

“The report by Rodney of this conversation must have oiled the rumor mill that I had come down positive especially since it was confirmed that Justice Minister Musa Dean who conducted the meeting as Chairman of the Joint Security Council was tested positive. To make matters worse, Information Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe who also participated in the meeting and went for testing on the same day as I, announced that he was positive. News of other participants being positive began to fill the air,” averred Senator Wesseh.

“I wish to thank senior officials of government who are setting a good example by cooperating well with health authorities by going for testing. Falling victim in line of duty is patriotism. I pray to God for the speedy recovery of all and may we do our best in the fight against COVID-19. Stay safe; follow the health protocols,” the River Gee lawmaker cautioned.

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